How to Fix and Recover Data from RAW USB Drive?

Summary: USB drive turned RAW? Wondering how to recover data from RAW USB drive? Worry no more, you are at the right place. In this article you are not only going to recover data from RAW USB drive but also fix RAW USB drive.

Be it USB, SD card or a hard drive, knowing that the drive has turned RAW can put you in serious trouble. When USB drive has turned RAW, all your data in it will become inaccessible and can be lost permanently, if not acted upon immediately.

Once you recover data from RAW USB drive, then you can go ahead and easily fix RAW USB drive as well.

Before we go on to performing RAW USB Drive Recovery, let us try to understand what are indications of RAW USB drive and reasons behind USB drive turning RAW.

When can you say USB drive has turned RAW?

Below mentioned are some of the indications of a RAW USB drive:

  • File System showing up as RAW
  • Error messages like Invalid media type reading drive. Abort, Retry, Fail?
  • Error saying sector not found
  • Missing files and folders on your drive or entire drive showing up empty

There are various reasons behind a USB drive turning RAW, some of the most common reasons are- abruption while converting a file system, virus infection to the drive or improper usage of USB drive with devices.

How Do I Recover Data from RAW USB Drive?

When your USB drive has turned RAW the only way you can restore your data is by making use of a data recovery software. We recommended you making use of data recovery software by Remo which is specially designed to recover data from complex data loss scenarios like recovering data from RAW USB drive.

Built with an advanced scan engine and powered by dual scan modes, Remo Recover is the safe tool that can not only get back your data but also keep your USB drive safe. With a free preview feature by your side, there is nothing that you can stop you from performing USB drive recovery. 

Download the tool and try it for free now. 


How to Recover Files from RAW USB Drive?

To recover files from RAW USB drive, download and install Remo Recover on your computer. Follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Launch the software and click on Recover Partitions 
  • Select the RAW USB drive and click on Scan
    click on recover partitions and select the RAW usb drive
  • After completion of the Scanning process you can preview the recovered data
  • If you were successful in recovering data, activate the tool and save data any other drive safely.

Note: It is important that you do not save your recovered data on to same drive this way you avoid overwriting the data. 

Now that you have recovered data from RAW USB drive, follow the next methods to fix your RAW USB drive.

Fix RAW USB Drive Using CMD or Command Prompt

  • Connect your USB drive that has turned RAW into your computer
  • In the search bar, type cmd and right click on Command Prompt 
  • Select Run as Administrator, this opens command prompt Window
  • In Command Prompt Window, type chkdsk /f G: where G is your drive letter
  • This will start the process of repairing. After completing verify if you have fixed your RAW USB drive.

Repair RAW USB Drive Using Error Checking Tool

  • Connect the USB drive that has turned RAW
  • Now Right click on the USB drive in this PC and click on Properties 
  • Go to Tools where you see Check button.
    fix RAW usb drive using error checking tool
  • Click on the button to fix any errors with the RAW USB drive.

If any of the above mentioned methods failed to fix the RAW USB drive then you can go ahead and format the USB drive.

Format RAW USB Drive to any File System

  • Connect the RAW USB drive to your computer
  • Right click on the drive and click on format 
  • Under File System, select the desired file system and click on Start

Final Words:

All the above mentioned methods will help you recover data from a RAW USB drive without having to move any muscle with the help of Remo Recover. The manual methods mentioned will certainly help you fix your RAW USB drive as well. If you were successful in recovering data from RAW USB drive using Remo Recover, do give your valuable feedback by reviewing our product.

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