Protecting a Flash Drive from Virus Infections

Flash drive is a portable device which is more likely to get damaged due to virus infection. Usually, you connect pen drive to many devices to transfer data, if they are virus infected, then virus spreads to pen drive easily. If you don’t get rid of this virus earliest, then it starts corrupting the data stored on that drive or else make the pen drive inaccessible. And you will get errors which might ask you to format the flash drive, that results in data loss. To recover deleted data, you have to make use of Data recovery software. If you don’t want to get into this situation, protect your Pen drive from the virus. Here are some easy methods which helpful for you to protect your flash drive from virus attack.

Protect Flash Drive

Antivirus Software – The easy way to get the id of virus from your flash drive is to make use of antivirus software. There are numerous free and paid antivirus tools. Buy effective antivirus software and update it regularly. Before using the flash drive on any device, scan for viruses. If you found any, fix it as soon as possible.  

Write-Protect Pen drive – When you connect flash drive to someone’s virus infected computer, automatically virus will move into your flash drive. If you make it read only, then virus can’t insert any malicious script onto your device. You can buy USB drive with write protection switch or use some third party tools to make it Write Protected. You can also make your USB drive write protected using inbuilt options available on your Windows /Mac computer.

USB Firewall – If your computer is affected with malicious virus then it damages your USB drive. So, install efficient Firewall and keep your computer healthy. Thus, you can protect your USB drive from any dangerous malware that induces from the affected system.

Even after taking precaution, sometimes virus infects your flash drive and makes it inaccessible. In such cases, you need to remove viruses from flash drive using anti-virus software. But, before scanning pen drive using Antivirus software, restore data from virus infected drive using recovery software. Because anti-virus software sometimes removes virus infected files from flash drive while scanning. Hence, it is better to recover all the data before scanning it.

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