How to Recover Photos from Nikon Coolpix Camera – Also Videos

Nikon Coolpix series has become a highly preferred point and shoot cameras among other Nikon digital cameras. Lightweight, genius autofocus, ability to operate smoothly with a gimbal made vloggers, urban expeditioner to choose Nikon Coolpix cameras.

However, even such the latest features and functionalities will not stop data loss on Nikon Coolpix cameras.

For example, while shooting videos or clicking photos, we check them and delete unwanted photos, we might accidentally delete a good photo or a video. This is one of most reported data loss case. Considering the small buttons, it is understandable why accidental deletions happen so frequently on Nikon Coolpix cameras.

Can you retrieve deleted photos from Nikon Coolpix?

Yes, you can recover deleted or lost photos from the Nikon Coolpix camera, not only photos you can also recover videos. However, you need to take one major precaution which is, not to use the camera or the SD card once the data loss had happened. Because, in most data loss scenarios, the actual photo or a video is not permanently erased, rather they become inaccessible.

Let’s, take accidental deletion, when a photo is deleted from the Nikon Coolpix SD card, rather than erasing that photo, the space occupied by the concerned photo is marked as ready to be overwritten. This makes the photo invisible or inaccessible.

This is why you need to immediately stop using the camera or SD card right after deleting a photo. Using the camera overwrites the recoverable photos or videos.

So, in such cases, one of the most preferred solutions for you to recover deleted photos or videos from Nikon Coolpix cameras is a Photo recovery software.

What is the Best Way to Recover Videos and Photos from Nikon Coolpix?

When you are looking for a data recovery software, make sure that it detects and recovers the Nikon Raw format. Since Nikon uses “.nef” extension to save the raw photos and most of the data recovery tools fail to detect them. Hence, we suggest you to use Remo Recovery software.

Since Remo can detect over 300 file formats, it can suit perfectly for your requirement. Additionally, Remo also integrated with the most versatile scan engines, which can adapt and recover data from any data loss scenario. So, without any further due, download Remo to restore photos from Nikon Coolpix.

How to Recover data from Nikon Coolpix Camera?

After Downloading Remo, launch the software, now remove the SD card from the Nikon Coolpix camera and connect it to your computer.

From the home screen of Remo, select the photo recovery option, a dedicated option to restore all the digital media.

After selecting the photo recovery option, select your Nikon Coolpix SD card and click on the scan.

Wait for the tool to complete scanning.

After completing the scan, all the lost photos will be displayed in the recovery window.  Now select the photo or video you want to recover and click on save. Most importantly you can also click on preview and check whether photos are recovered or not.

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