How To Undelete Files From Lexar SDHC Card | A Complete Guide

Lexar SD card is one of the most renowned SD cards in Android phones, digital camera, camcorder, etc. Despite having high performance, you might lose data from the Lexar SDHC card due to various reasons like malware attack, deletion, accidental formatting. If you happen to lose data from the Lexar SDHC card then, stick to this article till the end to know how to restore data from the Lexar SDHC memory card.

Before we head to data recovery from Lexar SD card let us understand some of the common reasons behind data loss in Lexar SDXC memory cards.

Common Reasons Behind Data Loss In Lexar SDHC Card

  • Formatting the Lexar SDHC card without taking the backup of important files, might result in data loss.
  • Due to a malicious virus attack, you may end up losing photos from the card.
  • Improperly ejecting the card might result in corruption, this will result in data loss on the Lexar SDHC card.
  • Any interruptions while transferring the data from the Lexar SD card to your Windows system, might result in data loss.
  • Accidentally deleted the important files from the Lexar SDHC card.

Best Memory Card Recovery Software

The best technique to recover data from a Lexar memory card is to use Remo recover, a reliable Lexar SDHC memory card recovery software. This SD card recovery tool can recover various types of photos, videos, audio files, and data from Lexar SDHC cards. You can recover data from any Lexar memory card model that has been deleted or lost. This application can recover memory cards such as SD cards, SDHC cards, SDXC cards, micro SD cards, CF cards, Memory Stick PRO Duo cards, and so on.

Remo Recover Compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems of all versions, including Windows 11, 10, 7, 8, Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave and many more.

click here to download Remo Recover

download Remo Recover for Mac

How Can I Recover Deleted Files From Lexar SDHC Memory Card?

Download and Install Remo Recover and connect your Lexar SDHC Card to Windows PC using a card reader.

Step 1: Select the Recover Partitions  option from the main screen.

Step 2: Next choose the drive representing your Lexar SDHC card among the list of available drives in the system to restore data from it.

select recover partition

Step 3: Now click on the Scan button. Once the scanning process gets completed, it displays the list of recoverable files from Lexar SD card on the screen in Data View and File Type View.

file type view

Step 4: Finally click on the Save option to get back the deleted Lexar SDHC card files to the desired location.

How To Fix A Corrupt Lexar SD Card?

The chkdsk can repair errors on the Lexar SDHC card. The primary goal of chkdsk is to scan a disk’s file system (NTFS, FAT32) and verify for any error. Follow the steps below to fix the corrupted Lexar SDHC memory card.

  1. Click on the search bar and type Command Prompt and Run as Administrator.
  2. Now, search for your Lexar SD card drive letter in Devices with removal storage and note down.
  3. In the command window type Chkdsk E: /f (where E is the drive letter of Lexar SD card .)
  4. Hit Enter.

Chkdsk will check for any errors and try to fix the corrupted SD card.

Tips to Avoid Data Loss On Lexar Memory Card

  1. Take a backup of your important files from the Lexar SDHC card.
  2. Do not abruptly remove the SD card, while transferring the files from the Lexar memory card to the computer or Vice versa.
  3. Do not add any data when the Lexar SD card is full, this might result in data loss.
  4. Be careful while formatting the Lexar memory card, accidentally formatting the wrong partition will result in data loss.

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