How to Trim Videos using Built-in Photos App Windows 10

You want to share a video file with your friends but there are certain portions you want to trim. How to quickly trim the video on Windows 10? Moreover, you don’t want to use any third party tool to trim the video file. Good enough, you can use the in-built Photos App in Windows 10 itself to trim the video. So let’s see how to go about it.

The Photos app in Windows 10 OS is not only a default picture viewer but it also offers basic editing tools to edit photos and videos. Also, since it is a basic editing tool, you cannot use it to trim many portions of the video at once. So after trimming the video, you can save the clip separately and the original video will be untouched.

So here is the guide to trim video using built-in Photos app in Windows 10:

  • Go to File Explorer, and navigate to the place where your video file is stored. Right click on the video, and click on Open with. You would get few drop down options, select Photos from the list.
  • Now your video will start playing in Photos app
  • Now click anywhere on the video to bring up the menu bar. On the right of the menu bar, click on the arrow next to Edit & Create option
  • When a list of options appears, click on Trim
  • Now move the sliders to select the portion that you want to keep
  • You can preview the video by selecting the area you wish to keep before saving it
  • Now click on Save a copy option to save the trimmed video
  • Browse for a location to save the video, give a name to the video clip and hit on Save button

You can now play the trimmed video file on any media player. So now you know how to easily trim video files on Windows 10 using the Photos app. Moreover, it has an easy user interface which makes the process simple. But then, for more advanced editing, you need to rely on some Video editing tools. Make sure you choose reliable tools because otherwise, your video could get corrupted. So if you have to fix a blurred video, a video which doesn’t play on any media player after editing, or a video which freezes now and then, then you know the reason behind it. So choose a reliable tool to edit videos.

Extra information: If your MP4 video file’s audio video is not in sync, then there is a way to fix audio video sync issues in MP4 video file with ease.

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