How to Solve Windows Media Player Error Code ‘C00D1199’?

Fix c00d1199 error code
error code c00d1199

Windows Media Player is a default application available on your Windows systems to play and edit video files. It is a reliable media player that allows you to play multiple types of video formats. But it is important to understand that video files can be made up of several different types of codecs.

Hence, in order for a file to play, it is important that the WMP supports the codec used in your video files. If these codecs are not supported, Windows media player cannot play the file and it may display various error messages. And we will discuss one such related error ‘C00D1199: Cannot play the file’ in this article.

What are the reasons for the error ‘C00D1199: Cannot play the file’?

Like discussed above, not having required codecs may cause Windows Media Player to display the error. In some other cases, out-dated or corrupt drivers or corruption in the video file can also cause the error to appear.

Solutions to resolve the error ‘C00D1199’ in Windows Media Player

  1. Save the video file on your computer

If the media file you are trying to play is stored on external storage, in some cases you may have difficulty playing the file or error messages may be displayed when playing the file. A simple solution to this problem is to save the file on your computer’s hard drive and then play the file.

  1. Install necessary codecs

Codecs are small pieces of code that encode and decode a video file or a digital data file. The encoder is used to encode the data for storage and transmission purposes and the decoder decodes the encoded file for playback.

Video files can be made up of many different types of codecs. And by default, Windows Media Player supports some popular codecs like .wmv, .wma, MP3, but it doesn’t support codecs required for FLV, FLAC files or Blu-ray discs.

So, if you are unable to play a file on WMP, then it probably because you don’t have the necessary codecs. In that case, download necessary codecs from trusted sources and then try to play the video file.

  1. Update driver software

In some cases, if you have problems with the audio controller or the sound card, then this error may show up. In that case, the error can be resolved by updating driver software using the following steps.

  1. Click on the ‘Start’ menu and select ‘Search’. Type ‘Device Manager’ in the Search bar
  2. Then select ‘Device Manager’ from the search results
  1. Find the audio device you are having issues with. If you have difficulty finding the device, expand all the sections and go through all the names, it should be labeled something like ‘audio’. Once you have identified the device, right click on it and select ‘Update Driver software’.
  1. Now, select ‘Update Driver software automatically’. The system will take care of searching and updating driver software in this case. Of course, if you have the latest driver software available on your system, select ‘Browse my computer for driver software’.

Once the driver software is updated, you should be able to play the video files without any error messages.

  1. Repair the video file using Remo Repair tool

If the above methods don’t help you resolve the error ‘C00D1199’, there are chances that the video file you are trying to play is corrupt. In order to solve corruption issues, Remo Repair MOV is an excellent solution. This tool is capable of repairing corruption in MP4 as well as MOV files. You can also use the tool to repair corrupt MP4 files that won’t play on Windows Media Player.

Whether corruption in video files is caused due to improper compression techniques or due to playing the video file using incompatible media player or due to other reasons, they can all be repaired by this tool.

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