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How to Restore a Mac without Recovery Partition?

“Hi, due to some reasons, I need to restore my Mac machine. However, the problem is that my recovery partition is lost a few days back. So is it possible to restore my Mac without the recovery partition? If yes, then how to do that?Mac Recovery Thanks in advance…!”

As we all know Recovery Partition is a part of Mac hard drive which is used to restore Mac during major problems. However, in the above scenario, the recovery partition is missing. So if you are planning to restore your system to get rid of viruses, bad sectors, corruption or due to any type of data loss issues then make use of a reliable recovery software. If the reason is something else then, in that case, you can refer the below give techniques to restore your Mac without the recovery partition.

Methods to Restore Mac without Recovery Partition:

There are two possible ways for Mac restoration, i.e.

  1. Make use of Internet Recovery to reinstall OS X on Mac
  2. From an old USB Thumb Drive, create an OS X installation drive and reinstall OS X

Method 1: Using Internet Recovery to Reinstall OS X

Internet Recovery

  • Turn off your Mac
  • Hold Command + Option + R and click Power button
  • Keep holding the keys you see a spinning globe and a message “Stating Internet Recovery. This may take a while”
  • Then, this message will be replaced with the progress bar, wait until the progress bar fills or completes
  • Wait till the OS X utilities appear
  • Then click on Reinstall OS X and follow the installation procedure

Note: Internet Recovery only works with networks using WPA and WEP security. If you have Internet Recovery then you can easily reinstall OS X. However if you are on a proxy network or PPPoE then you will face issues while doing this. So in this situation rather than going to next method (USB Recovery Stick), it is better to find another network.

Method 2: Create an OS X Bootable Installer from A USB Flash Drive

If the first method didn’t help you then you are left with this final option. This is to create a bootable installer from USB flash drive. During this process, be careful while removing any files from USB flash drive, as it will erase the files permanently.

  • Open Applications folder and find Install OS X EI Capitan
  • Insert the USB flash drive
  • Then open Disk Utility
  • Then under External select the volume in the sidebar
  • Then click on Erase option (In the name field it must display “Untitled”, do not change it, just click Erase)
  • Then open terminal
  • Type or paste the following line into the terminal

sudo /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ El\ –volume /Volumes/Untitled/ –applicationpath /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ El\

  • Then enter the admin password and then enter ‘Y’ and press Return
  • This will wipe out the flash drive first and then turn it into a bootable installer. Wait until the process completes.

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