How to Repair Damaged SD Card Using CMD?

Tiny, light-weighted SD cards are the best means for data storage and transfer. You can use these portable devices on Smartphone, camera, media player, game console, computer, etc. Due to its high Read/Write pace, SD cards are now being used in almost all digital devices.

But all these perks go worthless when a high-capacity, high-speed SD card is logically damaged. You can shun physical damage of SD card by protecting it using card cases. But, avoiding logical damage of SD card is little hard.

SD cards may get logically damaged due to improper ejection, virus, virus affected files, abruptly removing the card when it’s still processing, capturing images/videos during low battery, faulty firmware of card, etc. In all such cases, the SD card shows empty or will result in data loss.

But, as we know every problem has a solution, even logically damaged SD card can be fixed within a few steps. Both, in Windows and Mac we have one magical feature called Command Prompt (Terminal in Mac). Thus, by using simple and short commands we can easily fix logically damaged SD card.

So, here is the list of commands to repair your damaged SD card:

Note: It is suggested to recover data from damaged SD card before you getting started since these commands format your SD card completely.


Note: Hit Enter key after typing each command

  1. Connect your SD card to a computer
  1. Press Windows icon+R and type cmd to run Command prompt

Run Command

  1. Next, type diskpart

  1. Type list disk

List of all attached devices will be shown

  1. Type select disk 1 (in place of 1 type name of your SD card)

  1. Type clean

  1. Type create partition primary

  1. Type active

  1. Type select partition 1 (in place of 1 type name of SD card partition)

  1. Type format fs=fat32or format fs=ntfs based on your choice


  1. Launch Mac terminal

Mac Terminal

  1. Type diskutil verifyvolume /Volumes/[SD card drive letter]/

If any issues found then

  1. Type diskutil repairvolume /Volumes/[SD card drive letter] /
  2. Hit Repair Disk button

If SD card issues are fixed then close Mac terminal. If you get any error then repair the SD card using Disk Utility in Recovery Mode.

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