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How to Remove and Save Attachments from Multiple Outlook Emails

Going through emails and downloading attachments one by one in Outlook can be boring and time-consuming. To help make this process easier, we provide some tips to automate this process.

Solution 1: Set up rules in Outlook

By setting up a few rules in Outlook you can automate the process of saving attachments from multiple emails to one folder. To do so follow the steps explained below.

  1. Go to the ‘Tools’ menu and click on ‘Rules’
  2. Assign a meaningful name to the rule; it can be something like ‘Save Attachments’ or similar
  3. Choose the rule for ‘All messages’ and select ‘Save Attachments
  4. Then choose a ‘destination folder’ to save all your attachments
  5. Click on ‘Enable’ to apply the rule for new email messages as well.

Note: If you want to apply this rule only for a few existing messages, select those messages and right click on it. Then go to ‘Rules’ > ‘Apply’ > ‘Save Attachments’. This will save attachments only from selected emails.

To remove attachments, the same steps holds good, except that you will select ‘Delete Attachments’ instead of ‘Save Attachments’.

Solution 2: Use VBA code

If you are comfortable using codes, you can use the VBA code to save attachments from multiple Outlook emails. You can do so by following the steps below.

  1. Press ‘Alt + F11’ to open ‘Visual Basic Editor’ in Outlook
  2. Download the ‘zip’ file using the link . This contains the code snippet to save attachments from multiple Outlook emails
  3. Select ‘File’ > ‘Import file’ to import the downloaded file to ‘Project Explorer’
  4. Close the ‘VB Editor’ window and open ‘Outlook’. Select the email messages from which you’d like to save attachments
  5. Press ‘Alt + F8’ to open the ‘Macros’ window
  6. Choose ‘ExecuteSaving’ under ‘Names’ list and click on ‘Run
  7. Finally, choose a destination to save attachments using the ‘Browse’ button and click on ‘Ok’ to save the changes. This will save attachments from selected email messages into the specified folder.

As you’ve seen, setting up rules in Outlook and using VBA code are 2 effective methods to save attachments from multiple emails in Outlook. You can choose any method that you’re comfortable with.

 Recover deleted folders in Outlook

If you happen to accidentally delete folders while performing any of the above steps or any other operation in Outlook, tools such as Remo Repair PST (Outlook) can be used.

It is a wonderful tool to recover deleted email folders or other folders in Outlook. To understand how the software works, you need to understand all data in Outlook is stored in the form of a PST file. The software repairs your PST file and recovers all its contents such as emails, contacts, calendars etc.

The software is equipped with a read-only technique, so it extracts contents from the original PST and performs a repair on the extracted data. Then a new PST is created with all Outlook attributes including your deleted emails folder. For details on the steps involved, you can refer how to recover deleted email folder in Outlook.

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