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How to Recover Data from Password Protected Hard Drive?

Most users lock their hard drives to safeguard their personal data. Due to certain catastrophic situations you might end up losing your precious data from the password protected hard drive. Worry not! In this article, we will discuss how to recover data from password protected hard drive with the help of a professional tool Remo Recover.

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The hard drive is integrated with a number of computer components, including the Operating System, peripherals, and file system. Hard drives are used more frequently since they are essential for the storage and access of data in systems.

Data we store on the hard drive is important; as a result, we typically protect it by adding a password to the hard drive to prevent it from being used unethically.

However, even the locked hard disk may experience data loss due to various reasons. In this article, we will discuss how to recover data from password protected hard drive. Before heading to the recovery process let us understand the reasons behind the data loss on password protected hard drives.

Reasons Behind the Data Loss on Password Protected Hard Drive

  • Accidentally deleting the files from the password protected hard drive while attempting to clear unwanted files from the system.
  • When partitioning, we occasionally format the wrong disc, which might result in the complete erasure of all files from the relevant volume.
  • Important files may occasionally be deleted from a password-protected hard drive when we employ unapproved or unknown third party software in our system.

How Do I Recover Lost Data from Password Protected HDD?

To recover lost data from password protected hard drive, make use of Remo Recover tool to restore deleted files from password protected hard drive. The tool is designed with simple and easy interface which make the recovery process simple even for the novice users.

Remo Recover for windowsdownload Remo Recover for Mac

Steps to Recover Data from Password Protected Hard Drive

Step 1. Download and install Remo Recover software on your Windows to recover and access data from locked hard drive.

Step 2. Now select the drive which represents the locked Hard drive from where you want to recover data.

Step 3. To begin the scanning process click on the Scan option.

Note: Once Quick Scan completes it directly starts with the Deep Scan. The tool allows you to navigate to the Dynamic Recovery View option to see the recovered files then go to the Lost Partition folder. Additionally, the tool allows you to Preview the recovered files effortlessly.

select the drive from where you want to restore

Step 4. Finally, to save the recovered files select the files which you want to restore and click on the Recover option.  

How to Unlock Password Protected Hard Drives?

Unlock via Master Password

  • Select the locked drive
  • Type the command: ID
  • A message will be displayed if it is locked
  • Type Unlock
  • Press Enter
  • Enter 1 to use Master password
  • It will give you 5 chances to enter the password
  • If you succeed, that’s well and good! However, if you fail, re-power it and attempt again.
  • Now, once you are done type DISPWD
  • Press Enter
  • Again select the master password and enter 1
  • Enter the Password again, and the process is complete


Although it may seem difficult in recovering lost or deleted data from a password-protected hard drive. But, it is not impossible; additionally, keep the password in mind so you can unlock it. However, if you forget to remember the password, you can use one of the two aforementioned techniques to unlock it.

Hope this article was helpful in answering how to recover data from password protected hard drives. Comment down below your thoughts.

Frequently asked Questions:

1. How do I Remove Passwords from the Password Protected Hard Drive?

Priority may be given to seeking assistance from a qualified specialist. Some may advise you that your hard disk cannot be repaired and that you must purchase a new one.

Step 1: In the search bar type Win+R in the Run interface.

Step 2: Type compmgmt.msc and select Computer Management interface.

Step 3: Choose the locked drive to perform a quick Format.

2. How Can I Protect my External HDD with a Password?

External storage drive encryption helps to protect data on disk and permits authorised persons to access data on disk.

  • Go to My PC in Windows 10 and right-click the external storage disk to enable Bitlocker.
  • Password entry is required along the way for secure authorization the following time a disk is connected.
  • Press Control while clicking the device you want to encrypt on Windows OS.
  • Click Encrypt Disk, enter your password, then choose Encrypt.
  • You can password-protect the data on an external storage drive by using encryption.

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