How to Recover Data from Mac Hard Drives Via Fire Wire Cable

FireWire drive recovery

USB and FireWire devices are the two standard types of connection available to connect external devices to a computer. FireWire cable, also known as IEEE 1394 is a high-performance connector normally used to connect camcorders, external hard drives, and other devices that require high speed. On the other hand, USBs are known for its compatibility and lower cost compared to FireWire cables, although the newer USB 3.0 offers speed higher than that of a FireWire cable.

Listed below are some of the advantages, FireWire cables offer:

  • Quicker data transfer: FireWire devices are known to offer very high data transfer speeds. A FireWire 400 offers a speed of 400 Mbps and FireWire 800 is even better with a speed of 800 Mbps.
  • Target disk mode: Target disk mode allows 2 Mac’s to be connected together for data transfer and this is possible using a FireWire cable. Using this mode, one Mac will be connected as an external disk to another Mac.
  • Useful for transferring large video files: FireWire cable allows you to transfer large uncompressed video files from your system to an external device or vice-versa

Reasons for data loss in external hard drives connected via FireWire cable

  • Although FireWire devices are designed to be hot-pluggable similar to USB’s, meaning you can connect and disconnect them when the computer is ON. But some user’s claim that this can harm the device and make it inaccessible leading to data loss.
  • Pulling out the FireWire devices in the middle of a data transfer can result in files being partially written and lead to corruption.
  • Bad sectors on the device either due to physical damage or due to logical errors can cause data to become inaccessible on the drive
  • Unintentionally formatting a drive or choosing a wrong drive while formatting can lead to data loss

Recover data using Remo Recover data recovery software

Remo Recover is an all-in-one tool that is specialized to recover data from drives connected via FireWire cables or FireWire devices. It is capable of recovering data from drives that are corrupt, inaccessible or damaged. What Remo does is that it performs a detailed scan of the selected drive. Once the scan is complete, it recovers all the found files in a unique read-only fashion without changing any of your original data. Even your file names along with the original file and folder structure are recovered using this tool.

Remo Recover can not only be used to recover data from Mac FireWire devices, but also from USB drives, iPods, SD cards, laptops & desktops etc. It is safe to say that Remo Recover is a compatible tool that is multi-device friendly. You can even use the tool to recover from formatted Mac partitions. Say for instance you unintentionally format a drive or an undesired drive gets formatted when using a disk management tool, in such cases, you can easily recover data using Remo Recover.

Moreover, Remo Recover works with all versions of Mac OS including the latest High Sierra and with all Mac devices like Mac Book Pro, MacBook, MacBook Air, etc., so you should have no issues with compatibility.

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