How to Fix Memory Card Locked Error without Losing Data


The error saying memory card locked usually occurs when your SD card is locked by the switch or the card is corrupted or damaged.

Most of the SD cards will have a small switch on the left side edge. It is used to write-protect the SD card or to prevent erasing or writing on the card. If the switch is positioned up, then the card is unlocked. If the switch is positioned down, then the card is locked. Hence the camera shows this error saying memory card locked. If you are facing this issue, make sure the slider switch position of SD card is unlocked.

If you are still facing this “memory card locked error”, it may be because your memory card is corrupted or damaged. The following are some of the reasons for memory card corruption:

  • Removing the memory card from the camera while a file is being written to the card.
  • Removing batteries from the camera while the file transfer is happening between camera and computer.
  • Inserting a secondary memory to the card reader before removing the first memory card while connected to a computer.
  • Formatting memory cards from a computer can cause some compatibility issue in some memory cards.
  • Using memory card when it is completely full can sometimes result in overwriting of memory card header information.
  • Using the same memory card on different devices can also corrupt your SD card.

Format your memory card to fix “memory card locked error”

If your memory card is still showing the memory card locked error, it can be due to any above-mentioned reasons. Formatting your memory card is a solution to fix this error, but will result in deletion of all the files from it. After formatting your memory card, you should know how to recover files from corrupted or damaged memory card. Remo Recover is the one-stop solution to recover all your lost or deleted files from formatted and corrupted memory cards.

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