How to Fix ‘Can’t Format Memory / MicroSD Card’ Error

As you needed more space on your Android phone, you wanted to format the microSD card. But you were unable to format the card, and instead was greeted with an error message. Many repeated attempts went in vain. Unplugging the microSD card from the phone and connecting it to the computer to format failed too. Windows too popped an error message stating – Windows was unable to complete the format.

Memory cards are a data house where many photos, video files, music files, and other files are stored. Over time, many unwanted files get accumulated, and formatting the card is necessary to clear space. However, sometimes, you might not be able to format the card due to file system error, or other unknown reason. Whatever the reason, fixing the error message and formatting the card is necessary.

So here we provide you a way by which “Can’t Format Memory / MicroSD Card” error message can be fixed. Follow the steps:

  • Remove write protection from the card

If you have encrypted the microSD card with a password, then you must remove the write protection, unlock the card, and then remove the password from the memory card.

  • Backup microSD card data

Suppose you have important files present in the memory card, then you have to extract and backup those files to another storage device, or even on your system. But if the card has become inaccessible, then you can restore photos from SD card, videos, songs, and other data with the help of this Photo Recovery tool.

  • Repair file system errors
  • Connect the microSD card you have to format, to the computer
  • Right-click on Start, select Command Prompt
  • You need to sign in as administrator, type diskpart and hit Enter
  • Type chkdsk E:/r and hit Enter (replace letter E with the drive letter of your memory card)

Now you need to wait for the process to get completed. All the bad sectors or the corrupted file system of the memory card will be fixed.

  • Format and reset the memory card

You can use Command Prompt or Disk Management to format the microSD card on your computer.

  • Connect the memory card to the system
  • Right-click on Start, and select Device Manager
  • Now select Disk Management, locate your memory card, right-click on it and choose Format Volume…
  • Reset the file system on the card to NTFS and click on OK

Now you can unplug the memory card from the computer and insert into your Android phone.

Additional information: If you have issues with your memory card like memory card corruption, SD card shows empty, microSD card becomes inaccessible, and so on, then you can make use of this Photo Recovery tool to recover files from the media card.

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