How to: Erase a Mac OS Mojave Startup Drive

Erase a Mac OS Mojave startup drive

In normal cases, one generally doesn’t attempt to alter the startup drive or its contents. However, in situations where it is corrupted or your system is not booting, you may want to format the startup drive or reinstall OS to troubleshoot the problem. In such cases, you may want to consider erasing/formatting the startup drive.

So, to help you erase and format the startup drive on Mac Mojave, we are going to provide some simple steps. But before proceeding, make sure you have a backup of the entire drive as a formatted drive cannot be recovered, at least not without data recovery software.

How to erase startup drive on Mac OS Mojave?

To erase the startup drive, we use a tool called Disk Utility, which is the default disk management tool on your Mac systems. Basically, it can be used to manage your drives and also repair them if need be. Now let us see the procedure to erase your startup drive on Mac OS Mojave.

  1. Restart your Mac Mojave system and click on Command + R keys
  2. Using this key combination during boot will help you get into the recovery mode
  3. Here you will find 4 options, namely: Restore from Time Machine backup, Reinstall Mac OS, Get Help Online and lastly Disk Utility
  4. Click on Disk Utility to open the Disk Utility tool
  5. On the left-hand side, locate your startup drive and select it. (Tip: It’s usually named Macintosh HD)
  6. Click on the Erase button
  7. Choose a name and file system format for the drive and click on Erase

This will remove all data stored on the startup drive and hence it is advisable to attempt this only if you have a backup. However, if you don’t have a backup and you’ve formatted your drive, Remo Recovery is a good choice to recover data. It’s advanced scanning and recovery techniques allow recovery of data from your Mac systems with complete folder structure in place.

Volume recovery made easy with Remo Recover Mac

Remo Recover can be used in a variety of different situations like after formatting a drive, after partitioning or to recover data from inaccessible or unbootable Mac’s. No matter whatever the situation is, Remo Recover is an all-in-one volume recovery tool.

Data recovery in such situations may sound all complex and intimidating, but don’t let it. Just download Remo Recover and follow the simple steps listed in the software’s guide, you should be able to recover all your data in a few minutes.

All file systems like FAT16, FAT 32, ExFAT, HFS, HFS+ etc are supported by this wonderful software. Moreover, this software is designed to be compatible with all your Mac OS’s like High Sierra, Sierra, Mountain Lion, Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Yosemite etc.

Remo Recover Mac is available for a free download. So you can download the tool and have a look at what all it has to offer. Try now!

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