How to Enable Dark Mode in Windows 10?

If you are bored with the good old look of Windows, you now have an option to upgrade the look. If you have seen Mac’s dark mode, then you probably know what we are talking about. It’s none other than the beautiful dark themed mode.

Microsoft has made this feature available in the latest version of Windows 10, in its Edge browser and also in Microsoft Office Apps. In this blog post, we’ll show you how you can switch to the dark-themed mode in your Windows 10 and also in Microsoft Edge browser.

But before you start with the process, you will need to get yourself the latest version of Windows 10 that is the October 2018 release because the dark mode is released in that version.

How to turn ON dark mode in Windows 10?

Switching to dark mode has been made extremely simple; you don’t need any external apps or any such thing. The steps to switch to dark mode are outlined below.

  1. Click on the ‘Start’ menu and select ‘Settings’


  1. Then select Personalization from the Settings menu.


  1. Then click ‘Colors’; under the ‘Choose your default app mode’ section, select ‘Dark mode’


Once you save the changes, you will have the new Dark Mode to work on. However, if for some reason you don’t like it or you feel like reverting to the regular mode, you can do so easily. Just follow the same steps, but just select ‘Light’ Mode in the last step.

Enable Dark Mode in Edge browser

Similarly, Dark Mode is available in the Microsoft Edge browser as well. To activate the dark theme in Microsoft Edge, just click on the menu button in the Edge browser (the one with three dots on the top right corner). Then click Settings > under ‘Choose a theme’ section, select ‘Dark’ mode.


By saving these changes in Microsoft Edge, all the toolbars, title bars, and menu bars will turn dark but the web pages remain unchanged.

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