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How to Compact PST File in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 Manually

All your Outlook data is backed up in the form of a PST file on your computer. As your Outlook mailbox grows over time, the PST file also increases in size. Say you receive an error ‘Mailbox is full’, you delete messages from the mailbox. But it is not automatically deleted in your PST file. The PST file is still oversized.

The large size of PST can cause corruption and hamper normal functioning of Outlook. Hence, it is a good idea to compact your PST if it exceeds a certain limit.

How to compact your PST file in Outlook 2016 & 2013?

If you delete items from a PST file, the size reduces automatically. Alternatively, you can also use the built-in Compact feature.

Step 1: Delete items you do not want to keep and empty the Deleted items folder

Step 2: Click on File > Account Settings > Account Settings

Step 3: On the data files tab, choose the data file to compact and click Settings

Step 4: Click on Advanced tab > Outlook data file settings

Step 5: Then click Compact Now to compact your file

In Outlook 2010

Step 1: Click on File tab > Account Settings > Account settings

Step 2: On the data files tab, choose the data file to compact

Step 3: Click Settings > Compact Now

In Outlook 2007

Step 1: Go to File menu and click Data File Management

Step 3: Choose a data file to compact and then click Settings

Step 4: Click Compact Now

In addition to the size of the PST file causing corruption, there are other reasons as well. Improper termination of Outlook or system crash can cause damage to the PST file. In such cases, you need other methods to repair. One such method is using Scanpst.exe.

It is usually downloaded with Outlook and simple to use. To run the tool, go to File Explorer and search for Scanpst.exe in the search bar. Then select the PST file by clicking on Browse. Click Repair to repair the PST file. This will repair PST file.

The disadvantage of using Scanpst is it can take a long time to run. It may require that you run the tool multiple times before the file is fixed.

There are special tools like Remo Repair Outlook (PST) designed specifically to fix PST files in a quick and easy manner. It uses a read-only mechanism to keep your Outlook data safe. It reads the file, extracts contents, fixes issues and creates a healthy file.

It is a wonderful tool to fix PST file and recover all Outlook attributes. It can work with password protected and compressed PST’s as well.

More on Remo Repair PST

  • Works with all versions of Windows including Windows 10
  • Compatible with all versions of Outlook including Outlook 2016.
  • Generates repaired PST in a 2003-2016 format for easy importing
  • Provides a free preview of repaired file in Outlook Style browser

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