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Here’s How You Can Easily Shoot RAW Videos

Shooting RAW Video

You have always wanted to own a DSLR, and now that you have one, you want to learn how to shoot RAW video. In this article, we tell you how to record RAW video on Canon DSLR. One important thing you require for recording RAW video is Magic Lantern. If you don’t have it, then you can download and install it.

So now let’s see how to record RAW video –

  • Select CF on your camera. You would require 1000x CF card to get 1920×1080 frames per second.
  • Switch camera to Video Mode, focus on the subject and adjust accordingly for the scene. (this works in AV, TV, M modes)
  • Now press Q, select 1920 @ 30 fps video specification
  • To make the video mode ‘blue’, use the joystick
  • Scroll the videos to 1920 30fps. The camera defaults to Canon settings if you do not use FPS override (It is good to set video format to 1920 30fps. Alongside, if you set the FPS Override to 24 fps, then there will be very little variation in fps while switching from zoom to standard mode)
  • To return to Live View, press half shutter

If the raw_rec module is not loaded yet, then

  • Press Trash button, go to Modules Tab using joystick/scroll wheel
  • Highlight the raw_rec module, press Set button to enable
  • Reboot camera, next press Trash button. (When the module is correctly loaded, you can see a white with green dot on the left)
  • With the large scroll wheel, scroll to Movie, and with the small scroll, scroll to RAW video
  • Press the Set button to enable RAW video
  • Now press Q and choose the required Resolution. If the card is not fast, then select acceptable resolutions. See the bottom of the screen to see how the resolution affects card speed requirements.
  • Aspect ratio is 16:9 by default. Press Set to change it. The camera chooses a specific video height when the aspect ratio is changed.
  • Change the Preview from Auto to Canon, ML Grayscale, Hacked
  • Digital Dolly: turn it On to allow recording area to scroll up-down or left-to-right during cropped video. And also when recording at resolutions smaller than 1920×1080.
  • Turn off Frame skipping; to continue recording even if skips frames select Allow
  • Keep Card warm-up to OFF. Press Set to select a warm-up file size when camera boots
  • Press Set to turn On Memory Hack. It frees up more memory to get extra frames in the buffer.
  • To improve the use of memory for recording buffer, turn OFF Small hacks
  • When RAW file is recorded, you can preview it later by coming back to Playback selection and pressing Set
  • Press Q, go to Overlay, set Global Draw to OFF
  • Press Trash button to get back to LV
  • Press LV button to start and stop recording

Extra Information: While on a video shooting spree, if you happen to delete videos accidentally or they get lost, then you can restore them with the help of File recovery software. To recover MP4 video which is deleted or lost, follow the link.

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