GoPro Video Footage not Playing. Why and How to Fix It?

GoPro cameras are the best compact action cameras that are designed to be extremely rugged and water-proof.  They can almost never be destroyed.  Due to their strong nature, they are not only beneficial for regular shooting but also in extreme sports and activities. For instance, you can shoot all activities such as surfing, skiing, diving, scuba diving, etc.

GoPro cameras are known for shooting videos of HD quality; hence comparatively produce a larger file size. This means that not all computers can handle such large videos at a speed that is expected. This is when the Go Pro footage can get choppy or jerky. You may also find problems like only audio playing or frequent freezes when the video is being played.

In order to solve the problem of Go Pro videos not playing properly on your computer, we have provided a couple of solutions here in this blog post.

Solution 1: Transfer the GoPro video file to your computer

When you try to play the Go Pro video directly from SD, chances are that the video may not play. To avoid this problem, transfer the Go Pro video to your computer and try to play the file. You should ideally be able to play it, but if not, proceed to the next step.

Solution 2: Use the VLC media player

The VLC media player is a great tool that has the ability to play all kinds of video files. So go ahead and download VLC media player if you don’t have it installed already and try to play the video file.

Also, using Windows Media Player is known to have problems playing Go Pro videos, so it is best to avoid using it.

Solution 3: Double check if your system meets minimum requirements

There are a set of minimum requirements that your system needs to meet in order to play Go Pro videos. For a resolution of 1080p and lower, a minimum of 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processors and 4GB RAM is necessary.

And for a resolution of 1080 or higher, a minimum of 3 to 3.7 GHz Bridge Processors, a 4GB RAM and a graphics card equivalent to NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M is required. If you have these system requirements met, you should be able to play Go Pro videos easily.

Solution 4: Use a low-resolution video

If your system is unable to play 1080p, then you can try recording videos at 720p. Any system will be able to play 720p videos smoothly. Also, if your Go Pro has Protune enabled, disable it to make the video playback easier.

Solution 5: Repair corruption in Go Pro videos

If none of the above methods help play your Go Pro videos, then it is possibly because the video is corrupt. And such corruption issues in videos can be repaired by a tool called Remo Repair MOV. It is capable of repairing multiple kinds of corruption issues.

For instance, corruption in Go Pro videos can occur due to various factors like pulling out the SD card abruptly from Go Pro cameras when in use, due to virus attacks, converting videos from one format to another, compressing using non-standard methods etc. And Remo Repair MOV can be used in all of these situations and more.

Refer the link to learn more about the Remo Repair MOV product and steps involved in the Go Pro video repair process.

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