Comment Réparer une Carte SD Quand il est Corrompu

Trying to deal with a corrupted SD card? Worried about important data residing on it? So you’re in the right place, keep reading this page and understand how to repair the corrupted SD card and recover the data safely.

Before using major methods, follow the tips below. If one is used, copy and paste your data to another location to repair the card.

  • Insert the memory card into all ports on the system and check if you can access the data from it.
  • Connect the card to another system and check if you can access it.
  • Reinstall the driver

If none of these solutions have helped you access your card, you will need to   repair the corrupted SD card  using these methods:

Method 1: Change the drive letter

  • Connect your memory card to a system
  • Then, right click on  My Computer / This PC . In the drop-down list, click  Manage
  • Then, select  Disk Management  on the left and wait for Windows to load the virtual disk service.
  • Right click on your map and click  Change Drive Letter and Paths .
  • Click on the drive letter (it will turn blue), then press  Change .
  • Choose the drive letter from the drop-down list and press  OK .

Method 2: Repair an Damaged SD Card Using CMD

Note:  In this method, Windows forcibly formats the corrupted card. If your card’s data is important, use  Remo Recover software  and extract your data from the damaged card, save it to a preferred location, and then continue this process.

  • Connect the damaged SD card to your computer.
  • On the Start button, right-click and select  Command Prompt (Admin)  from the list
  • Then the CMD window will open, in this type  diskpart  and hit  Enter .
  • Type  List disk  and click  Enter . Next, a list of all storage devices connected to the computer will be displayed.
  • Then type  select disk <the number of your disk> and  Enter .
  • In this, type  clean  and hit  Enter .
  • Then, type  create partition primary  and press  Enter .
  • Type active and  Enter , and then type  select partition 1.
  • Finally, type  format fs = fat32 and press  Enter .

Method 3: Repair Using Windows Explorer

  • Go to  My Computer  or  This PC .
  • Choose the corrupt card and right click on it.
  • In the drop-down menu, click  Format
  • Hit  Restore Device Defaults  from the popup
  • Then press  Start  to start the formatting process. Uncheck the  Quick Format  option if you want to thoroughly scan the drive / map for errors.
  • Hit  OK  in the next dialog box and you will have your SD card error free.

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