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Fixing Invalid Volume Header Error on external Hard Drive

You have important files on your external hard drive and you are failing to access the files due to invalid volume header error! What will you do in such cases? Well, here’s your answer. This article gives you a better understanding of invalid volume header error and an easy method to fix the issue on an external hard drive.

At first, let’s understand the invalid volume header error on external hard drive…

On a hard drive, each and every volume has been assigned with its own header that contains its information like name, size, free and used spaces, starting and ending sectors, and many more. When you attempt to access the volume and its data, the header should be valid. Otherwise, you will encounter with invalid volume header error and that will result in inaccessibility of volume as well as data loss.

Invalid volume header error happens not only on an external hard drive but also on a hard drive, SD card, USB drive, memory card, pen drive, etc.

Reasons for the error – invalid volume header

The most common factors that often results in Invalid volume header error are damaged file system, virus attack, hard drive failure, file system corruption, bad sectors or any improper operation on the hard drive. External hard drives are more likely to have invalid volume header error because their file systems are easier to be damaged when they are plugged in and out for transferring files between computers.

Solution to fix the error Invalid volume header

Well, the solution for the problem Invalid volume header can be divided into two parts. One is recovering data from the damaged external hard drive, and the other is reformatting the drive to repair the hard drive.

“If you are not able to access your important files on an external hard drive because it is dead, then you can perform data recovery process in order to recover files from dead external hard drive…”

#Part 1: Restoring files from an external hard drive with Invalid volume header error

Remo Recover for Mac is a reliable software that helps in recovering data from an external hard drive, internal hard drives, USB drives, memory card, pen drive, etc. On macOS Sierra and other previous macOS versions, the software is suitable for the recovery of data from unreadable, corrupted, failed, dead, unrecognized, un-mountable hard drive volumes. It restores various types of files stored on the storage drives like Word documents, PPTs, Excel sheets, text files, ZIP and RAR, photos, audios, videos and many others easily.

Steps to recover data from an external hard drive

Follow these easy on-screen instructions to retrieve data from an external hard drive that has corruption and other problems.

  • Download and install Remo Recover for Mac on your Mac machine
  • Attach your external hard drive to the software installed machine and then follow the on-screen guide
  • At first, choose the option “Partition/Volume Recovery” followed by selecting the drive representing your external hard drive that has Invalid volume header error issue
  • The software starts scanning of the drive and lists out all the recoverable files
  • Preview the files and mark the required once
  • Then click on “Next” to start the recovery process
  • Finally, save the restored files in the desired location

#Part 2: Fixing Invalid volume header error by reformatting the external hard drive

Once done with restoring files back, you can proceed with repairing Invalid volume header error by reformatting the drive. The steps involved to perform this are as follows:

  • Launch Disk Utility
  • Choose the victim external hard drive on the left part of the window
  • Then click Erase on the top of the window
  • Provide the required information like name, format, scheme and then click Erase

When you encounter invalid volume header error, you might think of reformatting the drive. But if you reformat the external hard drive directly, all data stored on the external hard drive will be lost. To avoid data loss, you’ll have to recover data from the invalid header external hard drive before reformatting using a reliable tool.

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