Fix The Parameter Is Incorrect Issue On External Hard Drive

What is the “parameter is incorrect” on an external hard drive?

In this article, you will learn about what is “parameter is incorrect” on an external hard drive and hassle-free solution to resolve this issue.

The parameter is incorrect’ is error is usually encountered in the Windows OS and prevents you from opening the device and accessing your data. It usually happens on an external hard drive.

Fixing the ‘Drive Is Not Accessible the Parameter Is Incorrect’ error without losing data can be really tricky. In the section below you will learn how to fix this error on an external hard drive and how to recover the lost data from it.

Causes for the Parameter Is Incorrect Issue On External Hard Drive

Let us first understand the common scenarios for the error which are reported by multiple users

  1. Physical Damage
  2. Virus Infection
  3. Abruptly removing hard drive without the eject option
  4. Power surge or Power failure
  5. A lot of bad sectors
  6. Corrupt file system

If you have come across any of the above scenarios, you will be able to resolve the error by following the methods mentioned below.

How do I fix the “parameter is incorrect” issue on an external hard drive?

If the data on the drive on which the error “parameter is incorrect” is not important, it can be addressed and resolved by formatting the drive. Also, if you happen to have a backup of data on the external hard drive, then you will be able to recover data after formatting. In the absence of any backup, you still have few options with which you can try to repair the external hard drive and fix the parameter is incorrect error.

Note – In all the below scenarios mentioned, you must have your external hard disk connected to a healthy and working operating system.

Solution 1: Fix The Parameter Is Incorrect Issue with CHKDSK

As we all know, CHKDSK is an inbuilt Microsoft utility for Windows operating systems. This inbuilt utility used to scan the logical scan file system error, bad sector, etc. causing hard drive errors.

  1. Type CMD in Windows search box.
  2. Right-click on ‘Command Prompt’ and select ‘Run as Administrator’.
  3. Click ‘Yes’ to grant Admin access.
  4. Type the command chkdsk X: /f where X is the external hard drive partition letter.
  5. Hit the ‘Enter’ button and wait until ‘Chkdsk’ utility repairs the disk errors.

Note – After the disk checking process, re-connect your external hard drive to the system and then try accessing your hard drive partition from the File Explorer. If you are able to access your external drive, immediately copy data from it to a safe location on your system and format the external hard drive via Disk Management tool

Solution 2: Run SFC scan

Due to some unforeseen scenarios CHKDSK might fail to repair the external hard disk. In such cases, you can run SFC (System File Checker) scan to repair the external drive.

  1. Press ‘Windows+Q’ to open the search bar.
  2. Type cmd. Right-click on ‘Command Prompt’ and select ‘Run as Administrator’ from the options.
  3. Type SFC /scannow in the CMD window and hit the ‘Enter’ button to run the SFC scan.

In case if SFC scan encounters any file system error, it will ask for the Windows DVD from OEM to repair the error and system files. After the process is completed, restart your PC.

Solution 3: Usage of a reliable Antivirus program.

One of the causes for ‘The parameter is incorrect’ error can be virus or malware. If a virus-infected file resides on your external hard disk, it can make your hard disk inaccessible. With the help of a reliable anti-virus, you might be able to remove the harmful files and resolve the error.

Solution 4: Format External Hard Drive

If all the above methodologies have served the purpose, then the only way is to format the external hard drive and recover the data using reliable data recovery utility like Remo Recover. The tool can easily retrieve data from external hard drives after formatting.

Recover data after “Parameter is incorrect” on external hard drive

When you come across the error “The parameter is incorrect” on an external hard drive, you cannot access its content as it makes the drive inaccessible. To protect your data try to recover data from external hard drive using the Remo Recover tool. The software assists you in recovering data from corrupted, RAW, formatted, damaged external hard drive, internal hard drive, memory card, USB drive, etc. in Windows 10/8/7.

Steps to Recover Data After Error the Parameter Is Incorrect On External Hard Drive

To recover data from hard drive, first download the trial edition of Remo Recover Pro Edition for a free try and install it on your Windows PC. After installing, connect the external hard drive showing error to healthy operating system and follow the below steps:

  1. Step 1: Double click on the desktop icon created after downloading the software to launch the software. When the main screen opens, select the option called Recover Partitions and choose the drive to recover data. Then click Scan for the scan to begin
  2. Step 2: Now the drive is scanned for partitions and when it’s done, all the found partitions are listed, choose a partition to recover
  3. Step 3: Next, all the found files in the partition are displayed. You can view these files in File Type View or Data View
  4. Step 4: Select the files you need and save them in any suitable of your choice.


  1. Always eject external storage drive using Safe Remove hardware option
  2. Avoid extended use of external HDD which increases bad sectors count on the drive

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