Fix Error “You Need To Format The Disk In Drive” and Recover Data

disk formatted error

Disk not formatted error can make the partition converted to RAW, rendering it unreadable by Windows. You might encounter various errors while connecting your external hard drive to your PC like:   “Before you can use the disk in the drive, you must first format it. Do you wish to change the format?”, etc. While you are attempting to access the storage device,

Usually, we encounter such error messages when the drive is corrupted severely, and in such situations, you are denied from accessing the files stored in the affected hard drive. For example, they may display a variety of error messages indicating that the device has been improperly formatted or has not been formatted at all. Formatting our external drive is usually not the greatest option because we keep so many crucial things on it.  Until you format the drive, you won’t be able to access or re-use it again. In such circumstances, most of the users Opt for formatting the drive without the backup that leads to data loss.

Recover your data from the RAW external hard drive using reliable data recovery software before formatting the drive. In this article, we will discuss how to fix hard drive not formatted errors and recover data from it.

Why Do I Get Formatted Disk Error On My Computer?

A format disk error can occur for a variety of causes, including file system corruption. If you repeatedly unplug your external hard drive, SD card, USB, or any other removable device without safely ejecting, then this issue can happen. The device’s partition table is corrupted as a result.

Reasons For The Error “Before you can use the disk in the drive, you must first format it. Do you wish to change the format?”

  • Using the same flash storage mediums on different devices can lead to disk format errors and cause data loss.
  • File system corruption of a drive might result in disk needing to be a formatted error.
  • If MBR (Master Boot Record) of the external hard drive gets corrupted it might cause a disk format error
  • In case your USB drive is infected by viruses, then if you connect an external hard drive to a PC it may throw various disk format errors
  • Other reasons may include software conflicts, hardware issues, improper handling of devices, etc.

How Do I Recover Data From External Hard Drive Not Formatted Error?

Remo Recover is the most suitable and secure way to restore data from disk-not formatted error. It will assist you in recovering data from a hard drive or other storage devices. The tool has a powerful deep scan engine that scans every sector of the drive to recover data. The data can be recovered from all storage devices that are experiencing severe data loss scenarios and failures, such as format disk errors, boot sectors, corruption, etc. Download the tool now and recover data after disk not formatted error.

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Step 1: Launch Remo Recover software on your computer

Step 2: Select the Recover Partitions option from the main screen.

click on recover partition

Step 3: Connect the RAW external hard drive using a USB cable and then select the appropriate drive which displays the “disk need to format” error.

Step 4:  After selecting the appropriate drive, click on the Scan button to begin the data recovery process.

click on the scan option

Note: Once the scanning process is completed, you can view a list of recovered data in File Type View and Data View.

display file type view and data type view

Step 5: Finally, click on the Save option to get back the files from the RAW external hard drive on the desired location.

How Do I Fix Error “The Disk In The Drive Is Not Formatted, Do You Wish To Format It Now”?

Here are a few troubleshooting methods to follow to fix the error “you need to format the disk in the drive and recover data”

1. Scan your computer with Antivirus

Viruses can cause damage to the file system. Any potential infection on the computer can be removed by running an antivirus scan on it. Scanning the drive with antivirus software will also protect and prevent the drive from more infection or damage. This approach may aid in the correction of format disk problems without the need for formatting.

You can also try connecting the external storage device to a different computer port or using a different computer to see whether the file system is recognized.

2. Fix Hard Disk Format Error Using CHKDSK

This is one of the most effective approaches to fix the “Format disk” problem or “The file directory is corrupted or unreadable” error using the Windows built-in program. The command aids in the detection of faulty sectors, as well as a corrupted or missing file system. To fix the format disk problem, follow the procedures below.

  • Type Command prompt in the search bar and Run as Administrator.

command prompt

  • In the command prompt window type Chkdsk E: /f (where E is the drive letter, you can replace it with your drive letter).
  • Now hit Enter.
  • Exit the command prompt and restart the computer after the scan is finished.

Now, check the drive’s functionality once more. If the drive is RAW, CHKDSK may also return an error message indicating “CHKDSK not accessible for raw disk“. Remember, CHKDSK may or may not assist you in resolving the problem.
If the scanning fails, the only alternative option for resolving the format disk issue is to format the drive. Formatting the drive will result in data loss, it is recommended to recover data before formatting the drive.

3. Formatting The Drive

Note: As mentioned in the last part, this professional data recovery tool by Remo Recover is required to recover data prior to formatting. When you format a hard drive, it creates a new file system and erases all of the data on it. As a result, it’s safe to recover data from the drive before formatting it.

  • Type Disk Management in the search bar and hit Enter.
  • Right-click on the hard drive to be formatted and select the Format option from the pop-up list.
  • Provide description name for the drive in the Value label field.
  • Now select NTFS from the drop-down menu and check the Perform a quick format
  • Once formatting is completed now restart the computer and check the drive’s functionality.

Tips To Avoid “Disk Need To Format” Error

  • Install good antivirus software to secure your storage devices from harmful virus infections, that leads to format errors
  • Avoid improper handling of storage devices and installation of unreliable third-party applications to prevent data loss.
  • Soon after encountering the error “disk needs to be formatted” perform recovery of your important data using a reliable data recovery tool rather than formatting the drive directly.
  • Avoid usage of the flash drives in corrupted computers/devices as it may cause disk format error.
  • Always maintain regular backup of your important data.

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