Editing Videos Like a Pro – 5 Common Errors and Its Fixes

Video editing has become extremely popular in today’s world. With basic knowledge and an artistic eye, anyone can create a good quality video. You can edit, add or delete scenes, play around with titles and sub-titles and basically do anything almost instantly with the right kind of video editing software. Of course getting good at video editing requires a ton of practice and patience, but that holds true with any skill.

Read on to learn about some common problems you may encounter with video editing and solutions to resolve them.

Problem 1: Difference in audio levels

If you’re trying to combine videos shot at different locations, say for instance one shot inside a closed room and the other shot outdoor, you are likely going to have very different levels in the audio.

This is true not only in case of shooting at different locations but also for videos shot using different camcorders with different microphones.

In order to resolve this problem, adjust the levels of segments or the entire video clip. Another option is to add effects and EQ to your audio. By doing so, you can manage the difference in audio levels and produce a balance in the resulting video.

Problem 2: Reduced video quality

This is by far the most common complaint faced by users after editing videos. They claim that the videos get blurry, pixelated, contain dead pixels, get choppy, and in general lose overall quality.

In order to prevent this problem from occurring, first of all make sure you are working on the original file without any change to its settings. Also never change the format of the video file while editing. This may drastically affect the quality of your video.

Problem 3: A large number of effects

Effects are known to enhance the video and add a special touch. So, it may be tempting to add a lot of transitions and effects to your video. But, it is always a good idea to do with a minimum number of effects to reduce the negative impact it may cause.

Problem 4: Graphics issues

Graphics, when used wisely and effectively, can drastically improve the quality of your video. However, if you don’t get the graphics right, your video will not look professional and can create problems.

To avoid this problem, as a first rule, don’t use different fonts on one graphic. Secondly, check whether the size is appropriate, it should not be too small or too large. As the next rule of thumb, go easy on the colors. Stay away from pink, red-orange, yellow etc.

And lastly, make sure that the graphics appear for a time enough for users to read it at least twice or as appropriate. Keeping these tips in mind will help you use graphics effectively.

Problem 5: Computer crash

One thing we know for sure is that video editing requires that you have a good and efficient hardware on your computer. However, in some cases, even if you do have an efficient system, computer crashes are bound to happen when working with very large video files. In such cases, your computer may freeze or behave in an unfriendly manner and cause the video file to get corrupt or you could even lose unsaved work.

In order to avoid losing data, please save your work often or at least after every solid edit. In the event that your file is corrupt and you don’t have a backup file to rely on, you can use professional video editing tools like the one from Remo Repair. It is designed to repair all kinds of corruption in MOV and MP4 files. It can repair pixelated or blurry videos, choppy videos, only audio playing, only video playing, and all such problems.

Use the link to see how you can uncorrupt a video file. There is also another variant of the software designed to repair corruption in AVI files. So, you can use either Remo MOV Repair or Remo AVI Repair depending on the video file you have.


There you have some of the most common video problems to watch out for and how to fix them if you do encounter issues. Also, remember to plan and organize beforehand to avoid confusion and provide a better viewing experience for users.

These above issues if avoided can help make your video file look professional. If you have more specific video issues, you can always refer your video editing software’s manual or contact their tech support for guidance.

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