Data Recovery » How to Recover Files from A Dead Laptop/PC? [2022]

How to Recover Files from A Dead Laptop/PC? [2022]

Are you not able to access your files from a dead laptop? The device might not boot up which will result in your files becoming inaccessible. In this article, we will discuss how to recover files from the hard drive of a dead laptop. Also, for the quick recovery utilise Remo Recover. This tool is built with a deep scan engine that scans every sector of the drive and can recover more than 300 file types.

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A hard drive or SSD can become broken due to reasons like:

  • Software issues like – damaged file system or firmware
  • Hardware issues like – integrated circuit malfunction, or faulty driver.

These issues result in your device blocking your files from accessing. In this article, we will discuss how to get files off a broken laptop. Before we head to the recovery process let us understand some signs of a dead laptop.

Check if the laptop is dead with the following symptoms mentioned below.

  • Your laptop/PC wont boot up.
  • Your computer might be physically damaged.
  • Other hardware issues.

Can you Recover Files from a Dead Laptop?

Yes, it is possible to recover files from a dead computer, the first thing you need to do is to remove the hard drive and place it in a disk enclosure and try to transfer the data. Move to the below section of the article, to recover data from the SSD of a dead laptop.

Method 1: Recover Files from A Dead Computer Using Remo

Make use of Remo Recover, which is a specially designed data recovery tool to recover data from dead laptops. Remo Recover can easily get back more than 300 file formats such as photos, videos, raw-images, Microsoft Office files, etc. From inaccessible, corrupt, or unreadable internal hard drive and external drives like external HDD, SSD, memory card, USB drive, etc.

Remo Recover for windows

download Remo Recover for Mac

Steps to Recover Data From A Dead Laptop

Note: In case if your dead laptop’s hard drive is physically damaged then, the file recovery software cannot help you recover data from the drive. At such times, it is recommended to visit a physical data recovery centre to take the help of an expert.

  • Download and install Remo Recover software on your working Windows PC or Mac.
  • Place your dead laptop hard drive into the hard drive enclosure.
  • Connect the hard drive enclosure to your working laptop.
  • Launch Remo Recover on your Working laptop and click the Recover Partitionsrecover partition
  • Select the dead laptop hard drive from which you want to recover data and click the Scan
  • Once the scanning operation completes, all your data from the hard drive of a dead laptop/PC will be displayed to you in Data View and File Type View. (In case, if you haven’t found the expected result then, click the Deep Scan)file type vie
  • Now, select the recovered files which you want to get back from the hard drive of a dead PC, and click on the Save option to restore them at any place of your choice.

Method 2: Transfer the Files from Dead Laptop to Another Laptop/PC

1. Remove the Hard Drive from a Dead Laptop

First and foremost, unplug your gadget, turn it off, and then totally remove it. Turn the gadget over once you’ve completed this.

2. Insert the Hard Drive in Disk Enclosure

It’s fine if you have no idea what that is. But keep in mind that it’s referred to as a Disk Enclosure. It’s an external device that allows you to turn an old hard drive into an external hard drive by placing it in a hard drive  enclosure. A USB cable is used to establish the connection. Make sure the hard drive in your deceased laptop and the disc enclosure you’re about to buy are of the same type, such as SATA 2.5/3.5 or SSD.

3. Connect the Hard Drive to the Other Laptop/PC

If possible, make use of a laptop that runs on the same operating system as your deceased laptop and use it to transfer files from the old device to the new one. Copy and paste or drag and drop them to the functioning computer.

How to Get Files Off A Broken Laptop?

You can recover files from a broken laptop or a computer by removing the hard drive from the broken PC and connecting it to the other laptop/PC via USB cable. Follow the above method to recover files from a broken laptop/PC.

Note: The device might not boot up which will result in your files becoming inaccessible. then here is an article to fix the unbootable laptop/PC.


The best method to ensure that you don’t lose your vital data is to make a reliable backup of your SSD/HDD drive. Data backup will help you to retrieve your files from any prior backups if you lose your data. When you can’t back up your data, use data recovery software to increase your chances of retrieving data from a dead laptop.

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