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Create a Partition Using Diskpart Command

You do partitioning of the hard drive to remove unwanted consequences while arranging files. If you have many separate partitions on a hard drive, then you can store applications and OS files separately which resolves many of your system problems. For instance, while reinstalling the Windows, you have to format the drive on which you want to store OS when you have separate partitions then no need to worry about personal data.


And, there are several ways to create a partition. But, the easy method is to use the diskpart command.

How to Create Partition using Diskpart Command?

  1. Open the command prompt and type diskpart.exe
  2. Then, type list disk, it will show you list of drives present on your computer
  3. Next, note down the drive number where you want to create a partition
  4. Enter Select *(* – >disk number)
  5. Now type create partition primary size=10000

If you want to create Extended partition replace Primary with Extended.

  1. Type: ASSIGN LETTER=* (* is the drive letter for newly created partition)
  2. And, type Exit

Final Note-

Creating partitions is very easy using the diskpart command. Not just creation, even diskpart can also be used to delete a partition. So, you must be careful while using diskpart command while creating a partition. Accidentally, if you delete any partition, then use Remo Partition Recovery tool to recover deleted partition. It helps to get back deleted FAT, NTFS, exFAT and HFS partitions.

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