Recover Microsoft Access Database Files

Summary: Accidentally deleted or lost Microsoft Database Access file? Having trouble with a corrupt access database file? Don’t worry, this article has everything you need to know how to repair corrupt .mdb file and also recover deleted access database files.  Microsoft Access is one of the most commonly used data base management system by organizations.

How to Keep Your Laptop Safe When Stored for a Long Time?

A laptop consists of tiny components that are arranged like a puzzle. The main components include hard drives, motherboard, RAM, battery pack, processor etc. Since laptops are portable, their components are designed to thin, compact, fragile and are arranged very closely. Hence, care should be taken while using them as well as while storing them.

What’s the Difference between Recovery Partition and Partition Recovery?

Although the terms ‘recovery partition’ and ‘partition recovery’ sound somewhat similar, they are two very different things. This article explains both these terms in detail and when they are used. To begin with, let’s cover some details about ‘recovery partition’ and how it’s used. What Is a Recovery Partition? A recovery partition is a hidden

5 Things You shouldn’t Do with SSD’s

No doubt your SSD’s are faster and more durable than traditional mechanical drives. In order to make the best use of these, you should understand what makes them different and how to take advantage of them. In this article, we’ll learn what you shouldn’t be doing with SSD’s to maximize their performance. Don’t defrag your