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How to: Erase a Mac OS Mojave Startup Drive

In normal cases, one generally doesn’t attempt to alter the startup drive or its contents. However, in situations where it is corrupted or your system is not booting, you may want to format the startup drive or reinstall OS to troubleshoot the problem. In such cases, you may want to consider erasing/formatting the startup drive.

Resolve – Can’t Import Photos on Windows 10/8/7

A number of users are dissatisfied after upgrading to Windows 10. Some complaint about issues with system performance while some others complain about not being able to import photos from external devices such as phones, cameras etc. With the latter problem, you may receive error messages like ‘Something went wrong when importing photos’ or ‘Photo

Can Windows.old be Used for Anything Useful

What is Windows.old folder? What does it contain? When you upgrade your Windows, say for example from Windows 7 to 10, a folder called Windows.old is created as part of the upgrade. In some cases, it may also be created during a major Windows update. Windows.old folder basically contains all files from the previous Windows