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How to Fix the Element Not Found Error?

The error “Element not found” appeared on Windows systems, is nothing but an explorer.exe error. Typically, “Element not found” error message emerges when the user tries to open an installed application, Microsoft Edge, File Explorer, Command Prompt, Settings, image files using default image viewer, etc. Tutorial to Fix Element Not Found Error: In most of the

How to Fix Windows 10 Automatic Repair Loop?

With each version of the Windows operating system, we have got an amazing inbuilt repair tool. For instance, with Windows NT -> Emergency Recovery tool Windows 2000 -> Recovery Console Windows XP -> System Restore Windows 7 -> Startup Repair And, now with Windows 10, an Automatic Repair tool is fitted-in to fix system startup

Windows Update Stuck? Here’s What You Need to Do

Windows updates usually provide security fixes and protect us against vulnerabilities that our systems are subject to in daily life. However, after updates, users have encountered issues like certain apps not working, personal files getting deleted and things like that. However, Microsoft has now gotten better by resolving these issues and providing cleaner updates in

How to: Erase a Mac OS Mojave Startup Drive

In normal cases, one generally doesn’t attempt to alter the startup drive or its contents. However, in situations where it is corrupted or your system is not booting, you may want to format the startup drive or reinstall OS to troubleshoot the problem. In such cases, you may want to consider erasing/formatting the startup drive.