Recover Data from Sony Xperia Z

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Sony Xperia Z Data Recovery

Presume a situation wherein you buy a brand new Sony Xperia Z Smartphone. It’s oblivious that you are happy about it, as it allows you to do lots of things apart from its calling feature. Since it has a high definition camera you can’t resist yourself from capturing special moments of your life and snap some beautiful images. Phone allows you to stock thousands of photos and other data like media files and office documents by offering 16GB internal memory and huge amount of external memory which may range up to 64GB. But what if all the important and treasured data gets vanish from your Sony Xperia Z?

Just imagining the above mentioned situation is a horrifying feeling for Sony Xperia Z user or any other Smartphone user, as it holds vital and most cherished data in it. But on a bad day it may come true and land you in a situation, where you never want to be in. Well in these sort of situations you need to act smartly and keep your patience, as data recovery from Sony Xperia Z is achievable using an appropriate Smartphone data recovery tool.

Even though everyone is well-known with the fact that data loss is unexpected scenario, on the other hand its equal hard to avert it. Nevertheless a good backup might save your day, if your luck works. Since, it’s not possible to maintain an updated backup of your vital data, users encounter frequent data loss. However, its equally important to know the scenarios under which you might lose data from Sony Xperia Z, so that you can avoid it in possible situations.

Most frequently seen data loss scenarios:

  • User slip ups: This sort of slip up do occur when you are in swinging mood or in hurry and accidentally press the “delete” button after selecting some needed files or photos
  • Unsuccessful file transfer: Transferring files from Sony Xperia Z to system or vice versa is a common process that is carried pretty regularly. But at times while moving important files system may get shutdown and make you suffer data loss
  • Other scenarios: Scenarios like deleting files from Sony Xperia Z in connected mode with system and thinking that deleted files will get store in Recycle Bin, improper use such as removing memory card when data is in use, virus infection, etc., might result in loss of data from Sony Xperia Z

Remo Recover - Best way to restore data from Sony Xperia Z..!

There are countless reasons for losing data from Sony Xperia Z, but for those unexpected reasons Remo Recover is the solution. It is the most recommended Android data recovery tool that helps to retrieve lost data from Sony Xperia Z in few minutes. Software is designed by skilled professionals and crafted with superior data recovery techniques. Its comprehensible user interface assists you in performing trouble free Sony Xperia Z data recovery on Windows based computers and laptops. There are many eye catching features such as “Find” option using which you can easily sort the particular files from the list of recovered Sony Xperia Z data.

Notable features of Remo Recover..!

  • Software examines both the memories of device( internal & external) in just one scan and recover deleted data from Sony Xperia Z
  • Can easily recover data from Sony Xperia Z like images, videos, audios, applications, etc
  • Using its smart scanning methods software identifies files based on their unique Signature
  • "Supports recovery of files more than 300 with different file type, which includes Android application files with (.apk) extensions
  • Allow you recover data from Sony Xperia Z on all version of Android

Steps to retrieve data from Sony Xperia Z using Remo Recover: -

Step 1: Connect your Sony Xperia Z to Windows system using USB cable and wait until it gets detected.

Recover Data from Sony Xperia Z - Detecting Device

Figure A: Detecting Device

Step 2: Choose either of the options “Recover Deleted Files” or “Recover Lost Files” based on your scenario from main screen.

Data Recovery from Sony Xperia Z - Main Screen

Figure B: Main Screen

Step 3: Select Sony Xperia Z drive and click “Next” button to begin scanning process by software.

Recovery of Sony Xperia Z Data - Select Sony Xperia Z Drive

Figure C: Select Sony Xperia Z Drive

Step 4: After completion of scanning process you can view various types of restored files in two types of views i.e. “File Type View” and “Data View”.

Recover Deleted Data from Sony Xperia Z - List of Recovered Data

Figure D: List of Recovered Data

Step 5: Make use of "Preview option" in order to get an earlier look of recovered files and save them to any location accessible to your host computer.

Restore Data from Sony Xperia Z - Preview Recovered Files

Figure E: Preview Recovered Files

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