Smartphone Recovery

How to Recover Data from Smartphones?

Smartphones have become one of the most essential commodity in ones life. These devices are used for wide array of operations apart from communication, which is its basic functionality. Some of the most common tasks which can be performed using a smartphone are capturing pictures, downloading media files like audios, videos, playing interactive games, creating documents and surfing on net etc. Moreover, it is also considered as a symbol of style statement as it has stylish design, amazing features and attractive looks. Unfortunately, data from your Smartphone may get deleted or lost without your knowledge and put you in trouble. However, the good news is, you can easily recover lost data from your Android Smartphone with utmost ease using powerful recovery software.

When and How?

There are times, when you may loos data from your Android Smartphone, because of various reasons such as accidental deletion, malfunctioning of device, memory card corruption, etc. Losing data or other information from your Smartphone is very frustrating, as it may contain important and sensitive data. Let’s discuss a real time scenario, in which you may lose data from Android Smartphone. Suppose your Smartphone starts showing symptoms like improper response to your request, takes more time to process any data and shows decreased performance. Then there is a possible chance, that it may have got infected with virus. So to get rid of this, you carry out antivirus scan on your Android, hoping that antivirus software detects some viruses and remove those files. But for your bad luck, along with infected files it may even delete some of the important files, which is even worst situation to be in, as compared to previous one. Don’t worry..! This problem can be dealt easily with Smartphone Recovery Tool

Smart way to recover Smartphone data..!

Now, recover Smartphone data like attractive pictures, rocking songs, interactive games, high quality videos, etc. all at your fingertips employing Android Recovery Tool. This software does a complete scan of the device by scanning both internal and external memory using its advance scanning engine and retrieve files of more than 250 different file formats. This tool is specially designed for Android users and is capable of restoring even application files (.apk) that are necessary for smooth running of your Android applications. It is a safe and secure Android Smartphone recovery tool that can be utilized to restore lost and deleted files on all famous brands of Smartphones like Samsung, Sony, Motorola, HTC etc. This application is power packed with advance and effective features such as “Find” option, using which you can find the particular files from the list recovered data using attributes like size, date and name.

Significant features of Smartphone Recovery Tool

  • Recover data from SD, SDXC, SDHC, MMC and other Android compatible memory cards
  • Perform data recovery from Smartphone by retrieving data like images, audios, videos, games, text documents etc
  • It is simple to use, as it is equipped with intuitive user interface
  • Help you to recover Smartphone files like application file that are saved in .apk file extension
  • Supports Smartphone recovery from Android versions like Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean and other higher versions etc
  • Assist you to restore data from corrupt, damaged and inaccessible memory cards
  • Allow you to create replica of SD card, so that it can be used for future recovery process


  • Always take a copy of important data, as a backup
  • Use authentic and secure applications on your Android device
  • Check for virus infection at regular interval of time
  • Be careful while removing memory card from Android device (use "safe remove" option )



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