Retrieve Deleted Pictures from HTC Rezound

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Did you delete photos from HTC rezound?

HTC Rezound is latest and most happening Smartphone that is considered to be a major competitor of Galaxy Nexus and iPhone 4S. It was released in November 14, 2011 by HTC. Previously the same phone was codenamed as HTC Vigor and this was the first phone to use Beats Audio technology. This Android cell phone came with an amazing looks containing a 4.3-inch Super LCD touch screen and supported 4G networks. Besides all this, it constitutes of 1.5GHz Qualcomm MSM8660, S3 dual-core processor and 1GB RAM. However, the common data loss problem still persists in all Android phones, no matter how high its configurations are. One might lose his lose pictures easily since a single touch on wrong options can lead to deletion of pictures from your HTC Rezound.

Let us contemplate on one a common data loss scenario. Take for an instance where you had been for a memorable trip with your friends. During the trip, you captured many pictures using your HTC Rezound Smartphone. By the end of the day, you opened your cell phone to check the trip photos. As you started previewing, you came across an image that was blur and decided to delete it. Unfortunately, during deletion you clicked on “Mark All” option instead of “Mark” option. This lead to loss of entire pictures saved on your Android HTC Rezound phone. Are you thinking of the query how to restore my HTC Resound? Then make use of Remo Recover application in order to retrieve deleted pictures from HTC Rezound. This tool is built with amazing capabilities that enables you to recover deleted pictures from HTC Resound safe and sound.

Besides the above discussed scenario, there are various other events that cause deletion of pictures from HTC Rezound Smartphone. Generally, when you want to share pictures of your phone to the computer, you must connect the device to the computer through a external USB wire and copy the files. While copying the pics using cut paste option, if you accidentally pull out the connection, it can cause the deletion of photos. In such state of data loss, make use of Remo Recover to recover deleted photos from HTC Rezound

As everyone is aware that Android phone constitutes of a large app support. On HTC Rezound you can access the Android market and download different applications that make your work easier. Sometimes, in order to make your pictures even more effective, you may make use of unreliable photo editing applications, which may cause the deletion of images from HTC Rezound Smartphone. During such events, you can take the advantage of Remo Recover app features to perform photo recovery for HTC Rezound.

Apart from all these, pictures can also be deleted due to various scenarios like virus infection, power surge, transfer errors, use of delete option while the phone is connected to computer etc. No matter what event caused deletion of HTC Rezound, you can always go for Remo Recover to retrieve deleted pictures from HTC Rezound.

Remo Recover is a renowned application that is built with advanced algorithms that can scan your HTC Rezound Smartphone within a couple of minutes and recover deleted photos from HTC Rezound efficiently. This software enables you to retrieve deleted pictures from HTC Rezound installed with different Android versions. This app can recover deleted photos from HTC Rezound and provides a file preview before you save it back to some location.

After performing image recovery using this tool, it lets you to save the recovered file to any desired location that is accessible to the host operating system. Besides, you can even use this software to perform HTC Rezound recovery of different image formats such as PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, PSD and so on.

Instructions to use Remo Recover software:

Step 1: To start recovery, you need to download and install the application on your Windows PC. Execute the software and click on "Recover Deleted Photos" option shown in Figure A

Recover Deleted Pictures from HTC Rezound - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: Now select the drive from where you have deleted the picture as shown in Figure B

Retrieve Deleted Pictures from HTC Rezound - Select Drive

Figure B: Select Drive

Step 3: Finally, after the scan select the recovered image and save to any location

Recover Deleted Photos from HTC Rezound - Recovered Photos

Figure C: Preview Recovered Photos