Retrieve Deleted Files from LG Phone

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Performing LG Phone Deleted File Recovery

Smartphones, these days, tend to do all sort of work that was once only possible through computers. These hand held devices, portable yet powerful and extremely capable, have generally turned into pocket computers. Data on a Smartphone is as important as it is on a desktop computer. A normal Smartphone user makes use of his phone to carry out business related work like accessing Emails, documents, media files, etc. and as well as to perform personal tasks such as playing games, listening to music, watching videos and most important capturing photos and movies. So, basically there’s a lot of important information stored on a Smartphone. Anyhow, if you happen to lose any important data from a LG Smartphone and you are wondering what to do in order to retrieve deleted files from LG phone, you need not worry as we’re here for you to help you overcome your issues.

Retrieve deleted files from LG phone:

Any data from the internal or external memory of the LG phone can get deleted or go missing on various occasions such as deleting files and folders accidentally, formatting the device or its memory card due to various reasons, unintentionally deleting files via a connected computer, recovering from a malfunctioning LG phone / virus infections / corruptions, upgrading or degrading tasks, device inaccessible, device’s data goes missing as an outcome of improper usage and other unfortunate events. Under such circumstances, you may lose all important information such as photos, videos, docs, APKs, game data, etc. from your LG phone’s internal or external memory.

On almost all data loss scenarios, the erased files and folders still reside on the storage device of your LG device, but it becomes inaccessible to the device’s operating system or to a computer for that matter. In order to make those file and folders re-accessible to your phone or a computer, you will have to get a third party data recovery app. Data recovery apps are designed to scan for deleted / missing contents on a memory device, modify those contents in such a way that they are again visible to the device’s operating system and all other devices. One such tool is Remo Recover for Android – a powerful and reliable data recovery app for Android based Smartphones, using which you can easily retrieve deleted files from LG phone such as photos, songs, videos, APK files, Emails and other data, documents and all other files and folders in the exact same way as they appeared on your device prior to data loss. Remo Recover for Android app is one of the best tools to recover deleted files from LG phone and basically from almost all Android devices for the following reasons:

  • Restore deleted files from LG phone in just a few simple steps using the famous and user friendly interface of Remo Recover app
  • This data recovery app recognizes and recovers over 300 different types of file formats, using which you can easily recover all missing or deleted data from your Android device
  • Perform LG phone deleted file restore using the free version of Remo Recover which allows you to recover and preview all rescued data prior to saving it back on any location
  • Recovering deleted files from LG phone is an easy task, no matter if you have a Windows or a Mac computer as Remo Recover for Android app runs on both operating systems

Steps to recover data from LG phone using Remo Recover for Android app:

Step 1: Download, install and connect your LG phone to a Windows computer and select “Recover Deleted Files” option from the main screen.

LG Phone Deleted File Recovery - Main Window

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: Now select the LG phone drive from where you deleted the files and click on “Next” button to begin scanning process.

Recover Deleted Files From LG Phone - Select Smartphone Drive

Figure B: Select Smartphone Drive

Step 3: Use the “File Type View” or “Data View” option to view all recovered files.

Restore Deleted Files From LG Phone - List of Recovered Files

Figure C: List of Recovered Data

Step 4: Preview recovered data using "Preview" option.

Recovering Deleted Files From LG Phone - Preview Files

Figure D: Preview Recovered Files

Step 5: Make use of "Save" option in order to save the current recovery progress.

LG Phone Deleted File Restore - Save Session

Figure E: Save Recovery Session