Restore Micromax A110

Learn how to restore Micromax A110…!

“Hi, it is hard to say that, I had lost all the data from my Micromax A110. As I got struck into such situation where my Micromax A110 Android Smartphone needed to be restored it to factory setting. Because of this unavoidable event, I had lost images, songs, videos and Android application package .apk files. I am feeling helpless with this tragedy, as all these files are very important for me. I want to recover micromax A110 Android Smartphone, is there any good recovery tool using which I can easily get back data from Micromax A110?”

Yes, Remo Recover is the best recovery utility that will rescue Micromax A110 in quick time. This software supports all the latest Android Operating System like Ginger Bread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean and Kit Kat (only if the phone has an external storage media).

Remo Recover is a very helpful to restore Micromax A110 files like photos, songs, videos and even Android application package (.apk) files. This software can be used to retrieve Mircomax a110 Smartphone’s internal memory and also external memory.

Eye catching features of Remo Recover:

  • Simple GUI make application easy to use
  • Supports up to 300 file types
  • Supports all the popular Android Smartphone brands like Sony, LG, and Samsung etc.
  • Totally virus free recovery software
  • Recovered files can previewed prior to save
  • To save user’s precious time, this support comes with option called save recovery session by avoiding re-scan

Common scenarios where user lose data from Android Smartphone:

Virus attack: As they are used for file transfer and internet usage, Smartphone are more likely to get infected with viruses, If users does not provide the better protection using good anti-virus to their Android Smartphone.

Improper usage of memory card: Due to lack of patience, most of times users do not follow the proper way of using memory card, they insert/eject memory card from Smartphone without switching it off.

Upgrading OS to new version: As technology is growing every day, latest updates are available for all the Android phones, if user chose to upgrade Operating System without taking back up of their important data, then this OS up-gradation vanish all the data present on the Android Smartphone.

Interrupting the process: If there is any is any kind of interruption in the process, while transferring or receiving data from one device to another can lead to data loss from Android device.

Third party tools: Most of us always looks for the tools that are available for free, these free third party tools are not trusted most of the times. Using such unauthorized tools in Android Smartphone is always risky, as these free tool can lead to data lose from user’s phone.

How to protect data on Android Smartphone?

  • Always use good and effective antivirus for your phone
  • Take back up of your important data on secure storage media like CD/DVD
  • Never use un-trusted third party tools on your Android Smartphones

Use Remo Recover in following way:

Step 1: Run the installed Remo Recover, and connect your smartphone. Select the suitable option “Recover Deleted Files/ Recover Lost Files”.

Retrieve Mircomax A110 - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: Software will scan your connected Android device.

How To Restore Micromax A110 - Device Detected

Figure B: Device Detected

Step 3: Choose Storage Device, either select phone memory, else select memory card, and click on “Next”.

Get Back Data From Micromax A110 - Select Drive

Figure C: Select Drive

Step 4: After complete scan, select the “Data Type View/File Type View” as you would like to see recovered data.

Rescue Micromax A110 - Recovered Data

Figure D: Data Type View/File Type View