Restore Android App Data

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Now Android phones are one among top selling phones. Android is a mobile operating system that brought a new twist in the market. After Android phones were launched, many started liking it for its features are looks. In no time, the popularity of Android Smartphone’s grew rapidly. This phone supported large apps and games and constituted of a good amount of memory space for data storage. One Android phone can easily replace a combination of electronic gadgets like digital camera, mobile, game console and music player. So, people prefer buying one Android phone instead of wasting their money on different devices.

Every Smartphone that uses an Android OS constitutes of an Android market. One can easily access the Android market from their phone and download large number of applications. When you install an app many other data also gets downloaded and saved with it. These data helps in successful execution of apps on Android phones. One of such crucial file is APK. APK stands for Android Package Kit. This file helps Android to install applications from the middleware onto the Android phone. However, as a result of certain events one might lose the app related files easily. Remo Recover is here to help out of this data disaster and regain your files. Take advantage of its amazing features are restore android app data efficiently. This tool is available in Windows, Mac, and Android versions. Windows users can make use of Windows edition to recover deleted database, and other files such as images, videos, MS Office files, music files, etc. to get them back within couple of clicks

Factors that cause loss of App data from Android:

Accidental formatting:  This is one of the general scenarios of data loss these days. Since humans are prone to make error, they commit silly mistakes and will end up formatting the SD card. If you have saved your application data on the SD card, due to formatting all the data will be deleted.  You can make use of Remo Recover to recover app data Android, in case of unintentional formatting.

Upgrading applications: When you purchase an Android phone, it already comes with preinstalled applications. Besides this app, you may also install additional software that helps you in many tasks. Periodically, you will be notified about the software updates. While updating there can be huge risk of data loss, if you don’t follow the proper procedure to update your app

Virus attack:  Since Android phones facilitate internet browsing, chances of data loss are more. You can end up in downloading data from harmful sites, which causes the entry of virus to the Android Smartphone. These destroy the file structure on your Android device and cause inaccessible files. Make use of Remo Recover to perform Android app data recovery

Updating Phone: Like applications, even you can update your Android OS to latest versions. However, this might be quite complicated process. During this times, if you commit any errors, you might end up losing the app data saved on your Android phone.

In all these circumstances, you can utilize Remo Recover for restoring app data Android. This software constitutes of very strong recovery engines which has the capability to identify your lost app data using its unique file signature and recover apps android phone efficiently. This application helps to restore android app data in all versions of Android. Using this software one can retrieve android apps data and preview the file before restoration. Moreover, you can utilize the Windows version of the software to recover deleted database files, PDF files, PowerPoint files, word documents, etc. on all Windows OS.

 You can easily employ this software on latest Windows versions like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows server 2003 and 2008, Windows 7 and 8 to recover data after factory restore on Windows, formatting, reformatting, and corruption of Windows hard drives with utmost ease. After the completion of the recovery process, you can restore the recovered file on any desired location. You can contact our 24*7 customer care for more queries regarding the software.

Simple steps to recover app data Android:

Step 1:To perform recovery on Android, download and install the software. Now run the application and select "Recover Deleted Files" or "Recover Lost Files" option as shown in figure 1

Recover Apps Android Phone - Home Screen

Figure A: Home Screen

Step 2: Wait a while until the software recognize the phone, as shown in figure B.

Android App Data Recovery - Android Device Detected

Figure B: Android Device Detected

Step 3: Now choose the drive from where you lost the app data as shown in figure C.

Retrieve Android Apps - Select Android Storage Drive

Figure C: Select Android Storage Drive

Step 4: At the end of recovery, select the recovered files and save it back to any location as shown in figure D.

Android Get App Data - List of Restored Files

Figure D: List of Restored Files