Recover Songs from SD Card

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Restoring audio files from SD card

SD card stands for Secure Digital card, which is most commonly used as portable storage device. It became so popular these days, as it used as secondary storage device in most of the mobiles phones. This SD card can be used to store pictures, songs, videos, and other documents which are being used in phones. The storage capacity of SD card ranges from 128 MB to 64 GB, which is usually supported by most of the Smartphones.

This SD card is a plug and Play storage device, which can be easily used for any of the Smartphones. Due to this portability sometime, users become so careless about their data that is saved on SD card. This negligence will cost them in data loss from their SD cards. Below is the one situation, where user had lost all audio files from SD card and now searching for the way to recover songs from SD card.

“Hi, I am using 32 GB SD card in Android Smartphone, on which I stored lot of my selected favorite songs. Today what had happened is? I ejected the SD card from my Android Smartphone to copy it on another phone, but when I inserted it into another phone, I am surprised to know that, there is no single song present on that SD card. I had lost all audio files from that SD card, now I want to recover songs from SD card by any means. Tell me the software that guarantee me retrieving songs from SD card”

Reasons that cause data loss from SD card:

Improper usage of SD card: If you insert/eject the SD card into the phone or from the phone respectively without turning your Smartphone off, you lose files from the card.

Virus attack: Most of the user feels that it is not so important to use the antivirus on their Smartphones, but this ignorance will surely cost them, when they lose data from virus attack.

Using of SD card in different device: As SD cards are portable, many users use their single SD card on different devices.

Operating System corruption: Suppose, your mobile Operating System gets corrupt due to any reason, it might wipe out files from the SD card that is present on the Smartphone.

Formatting SD card: To clean off some unwanted files from the SD card, you go for formatting SD card, this will vanish all the data present on that SD card.

Deleting files: Sometimes, you feel that some of the files are no more important for you, at this time you choose to delete the file from the SD card

How you can restore songs from SD card?

Remo Recover is the most efficient recovery software that will retrieve songs from SD card which you had lost due to any of the above said reasons. This software is so powerful for Android device, that will get back songs from SD card without skipping any of the audio files that you are looking to recover.

Remo Recover is supported by all the latest Android Operating System like Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, and Kit Kat (only if the phone has an external storage media).

More features of Remo Recover:

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Supports all popular Smartphone brands like Samsung, LG, Sony, etc.
  • Recovers image, audio, video, documents from Android Smartphones
  • It recovers data from SD, CF, MMC memory cards
  • Save recovery session to avoid re-scan
  • 24/7 technical support

Steps to recover audio files from SD card using Remo Recover:

Step 1: Download and install trial version of Remo Recover Android. Launch the program, then select "Recover Deleted Files/Recover Lost Files" option.

Restore Songs from SD Card - Main Window

Figure A: Main Window

Step 2: Now select SD card from the list of drives to recover songs from SD card and click “Next”.

Retrieve Songs from SD Card - Select SD Card

Figure B: Select SD Card

Step 3: Select file type to recover specific files from SD card. You can skip this option by clicking “Skip”.

Restoring Audio Files from SD Card - File Type Selection

Figure C: File Type Selection

Step 4: After recovery process, you can see the data recovered from SD card.

Get Back Songs from SD Card - List of Recovered Songs from SD Card

Figure D: List of Recovered Songs from SD Card

Step 5: You can save the recovery session, to avoid re-scan of SD card.

Retrieving Songs from SD Card - Save Recovery Session

Figure E: Save Recovery Session