Recover Files on Galaxy S2

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Retrieve Files from Samsung Galaxy S2

“Hi, I’m using Samsung Galaxy S2 from past one year and I love the features of Galaxy S2 phone a lot. I had been for a trip with my college mates last week and I had captured some amazing pictures with the help of my Samsung Galaxy S2. Today morning I was having a look at those photos which I had captured in trip. Instead of “Select All” option unfortunately I clicked on “Delete all” option present in my Smartphone and I lost my photos. Is there any way through which I can recover my lost photos? If yes, please suggest me the best way to recover my lost photos.”

Have you ever been a victim of the situation as explained above? If your answer is yes then just relax!!! Your photos are not lost yet. You can get it back with the help of android recovery software. But before that you should make sure that the photos are not overwritten with any other new file. However, apart from above mentioned scenario, there are other scenarios where you might lose important files from your Galaxy S2. Some of them are listed below:-

  • Accidental Deletion: It is the most common scenario where you might lose your precious photos. Sometimes you may accidentally delete photos or audios or video files feeling those files are not required to you anymore and later realize importance of files
  • Virus Attack: If your Galaxy S2’s SD card is infected from viruses, it may result in loss of important files from your smart phone
  • Memory card Corruption: You should un-mount memory card from your Galaxy S2 in a right way. In case you remove memory card abruptly it will result in memory card corruption which leads to lose  valuable files
  • Transfer Error: While transferring files from Samsung Galaxy S2 to computer or vice versa, if there is any interruption to transmission process then it will result in data loss
  • Other reasons: Software malfunction, hardware failure, sudden power surge while copying files from Galaxy S2 to computer and many more

In all the above scenarios you will end up with question, how to restore deleted files from Galaxy S2? The answer for this question is software named Remo Recover.

Remo Recover is an appropriate recovery tool which is capable to recover files on Galaxy S2. No matter, how you have lost files from your Galaxy S2, Remo Recover software helps you to bring back lost or deleted files from Samsung Galaxy S2 in an efficient way.

Some prominent features of Remo Recover:

  • Scans both internal and external memory of your Galaxy S2 to get back lost or deleted files
  • It has ability to recover .apk files along with photos, audio files and video files
  • Virus / malware free and read only application
  • Highly advanced built-in algorithms to perform recovery process


  • Do use effective antivirus in your Galaxy S2 to avoid virus infections.
  • Do perform recovery process as soon as possible.



  • Don’t save/add new files in your Galaxy S2 after data loss as it may lead to overwriting of data.
  • Make sure that you won’t use your Galaxy S2 on low battery mode.

Simple steps to recover files on Galaxy S2 are:-

Step 1:Install and Run Remo Recover on your computer and select appropriate option from the main screen.

Recover Files Android SD Card - Main Window

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2:Select your Samsung Galaxy S2 storage medium and click on “Next” to begin recovery process.

Retrieve Files from Samsung Galaxy S2 - Select SD Card

Figure B: Select Drive

Step 3:Once recovery process is done you can view the recovered files in two different types such as “File Type View” and “Data View”..

Restore Files From Galaxy S2 - List of Recovered SD Card Files

Figure C: Recovered Files

Step 4:You can preview recovered files using “Preview” option and finally store recovered files to any destination accessible to host computer.

Recover Files on Galaxy S2 - Save Recovery Session

Figure D: Save Recovery Session