Android .zip File Recovery

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

How to Recover Deleted Zip Files from Android?

Unlike the old days, today you can transfer a huge amount of digital data over the internet in quick span of time, as now users are facilitated with the services of Zip files. These files proved to be a boon and eliminated problems with large data transfer users had before its invention. These archive files contain compressed data, which is nearly one fourth of its actual size thereby favoring its users to transfer digital information over the network easily. These files gained popularity among users in no time, as these provide a lot of advantages.

  • Saves valuable time while data transfer
  • Help you to save vital memory space on your device
  • Allow you to backup large number of data by reducing its size
  • Protect your information by allowing to set password

You can Zip any type of digital data that is present on your Android device like your valuable work documents, presentations, record sheets(excel sheets) or personal data like lovable images, treasured media files, games, etc, which you want to transfer over the internet when there is need to do so. But at times, due to unfavorable situations you lose Zip files and suffer brutal data loss. Losing a Zip file by deleting it unintentionally or intentionally may create a serious data crisis, as it contains several other important files within it. Imagine that you mistakenly delete a Zip file that contained important software and documentations, related to your ongoing project. This may delay your ongoing project and create problems in your professional life. Problem may grow bigger, if you don’t know how to recover deleted Zip file from your Android device and create some panic. Don’t worry you can get out of this troublesome situation, by retrieving deleted Zip files from Android phones and other devices, using a safe android zip file recovery software.

Know how to restore deleted Zip files from Android..!

Most users try out different thing in panic, in order to recover deleted Zip files from Android device, which may overwrite the deleted files. So stop trying such thing, if you want to retrieve Zip files, and without wasting more time go for Remo Recover, as it is most recommended software by many IT professionals. Remo Android zip file recovery software is built in a way that it examines the device thoroughly sector by sector, and ensures the recovery of each and every file from you Android device. Remo Android Zip file recovery tool is strong enough of recovering Zip files that are password protected, which many of the other recovery software fail to do, due to which is ranked high in its class. Besides Android recovery zip file, you can also restore deleted apk files from Android along with other important data. With Remo Deleted Zip File recovery tool you just need to follow the instructions and all the hard recovery work is done by software.

Circumstances where Remo Recover can be put to use…!

  • Provides great assistance in retrieving files deleted accidentally by touching the “Delete” option. There are times when you select all the files from your Android phone, using “Select All” and touch delete option, instead of copy, and suffer this misfortune.
  • Efficient to rescue files deleted after performing Antivirus scan. Sometimes you carry out Antivirus scan on your Android device by connecting it to your computer or using installed Antivirus software that is present in your Android gadget, which at times may delete the files and make you experience data crisis.

Few eye-catching features of Remo Recover..!

  • Competent of Scanning internal and external memory of Android device in a few minutes.
  • Strong enough to retrieve deleted files from Smart phones, that has Android OS.
  • Not just smart phones, you can also recover deleted files from Android tablet with the aid of this prominent software.
  • Performs effective and secure recovery of deleted Zip file from Android devices.
  • Can be used on all versions of Android like Jelly bean, Gingerbread, Ice-Cream Sandwich, etc.
  • Efficient of recovering deleted Zip files with (.zip) and (.zipx) extensions.
  • Not only Zip files, you can also restore RAR files from Android using this brillant recovery tool.
  • Assist you in executing file recovery from Android Smartphones.
  • Finely designed to carry out Android device data recovery on Windows based computers, when its connected in UMS its mode.
  • Facilitates you to have a prior look at the recovered data by offering “preview” button.

Steps to recover deleted Zip files from Android device:

Step 1: Download and Install the demo version of Remo deleted Android ZIP file recovery on your system. Run the tool to open the main screen, as shown in figure A. Now click on "Recover Deleted Files" option to proceed with the recovery process.

How to Recover Deleted Zip Files from Android - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: After this software attempt to connect with the device, as shown in figure B.

Android Zip File Recovery - Connecting Device

Figure B: Connecting Device

Step 3: Once device gets connected, you need to select the Android drive and click on the proceed button, as illustrated in figure c.

Android Recovery zip File - Android Drive

Figure C: Android Drive

Step 4: Soon after recovery process gets over, you can see the list of recovered files from Android, which includes deleted Zip files. Recovered data can be seen in "Data View" and "File Type View", as shown in figure D.

Recover Deleted Zip Files Android - Recovered Data

Figure D: Recovered Data

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