Recover Deleted Files from Micro SD Card

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Deleted File Recovery from Micro SD Card

“I had a huge collection of images, songs and videos on my Micro SD card. Last night, I accidentally deleted the entire collection from the said Micro SD card and I now regret the fact that I never carried a backup of the same. As a side note, the Micro SD card was mounted on my Android phone at the time of deletion. I’m wondering if it’s possible to recover deleted files from micro SD card or is it gone forever?”

You can certainly recover files from your microSD card provided you make use of a recommended recovery tool like Remo Recover. It’s also one of the most advised recovery software for Android which means to say that you can highly rely on it when you’re looking to recover deleted files from Micro SD card.

Micro SD is a removable flash memory used primarily for storing data. They come in a small size and can be inserted into digital devices that have a slot for micro SD. micro SD cards are extensively used in mobile phones, cameras, camcorders and so on. Many Micro SD cards come with an adaptor that can be used in devices that support standard SD and not Micro SD. micro SD card was first developed by SanDisk and was available in sizes of 32MB, 64MB and 128MB. In 2006, SanDisk first introduced a 2GB Micro SD card at a cost of $99 but however the prices gradually decreased and as of now the same 2GB micro SD card can be purchased for as low as $6. However, Micro SD cards are prone to data loss. You cannot be always sure that the data saved on your micro SD card will endure forever.  Sometimes it may so happen that the user may accidentally delete the files from his Micro SD card. Nevertheless, you can now sit back and recover deleted files from micro SD card even after format, with the aid of Remo Recover. Other reasons that cause files to be deleted from Micro SD include:

  • Abrupt or unsafe removal of micro SD card from the card slot.
  • Virus infection in the Micro SD card can damage the saved files on it and occasionally has the potential to delete them.
  • Accidental format of Micro SD card by the user can be a major loss if the saved files on it aren’t backed up.


Recovering Deleted Files from micro SD using Remo Recover:

Remo Recover makes use of one of the most distinct recovery algorithm that has the potential to recover every file that is deleted from your micro SD card. It can retrieve deleted files from micro SD card inserted into your Android phones in the most efficient manner regardless of the Android version on which the phone is currently running on. It also features a simple interface that is easy to be understood even by a user who uses the software for the first time. It also requires minimum time to retrieve deleted files from micro SD card which makes it the most preferred among all other recovery tools. It’s capable of running on all versions of Windows including Windows 8. You can also download a trial version of this software for your Windows system and perform a deleted file recovery from micro SD card so you get an idea about the performance of this software.

Simple steps to recover files from Micro SD

Step 1: To perform file recovery from Micro SD, first you have to download and install the demo version of Remo Recover Android on your Windows system and connect Android device along with the Micro SD card inserted into the device. Launch the software to get home screen as shown in figure A. Here select "Recover Deleted Files" or "Recover Lost Files" option according to scenario.

Recover Deleted Files from Micro SD Card - Home Screen

Figure A: Home Screen

Step 2: Remo Recover Android software searches and recognizes your Android device, a window will be displayed with detected Android device, as shown in figure B.

Recovering Deleted Files from Micro SD - Android Device Detected

Figure B: Android Device Detected

Step 3: Now select the Android storage drive from the given list of drives as shown in figure C.

Retrieve Deleted Files from Micro SD - Select Android Storage Drive

Figure C: Select Android Storage Drive

Step 4: After the completion of scanning process, the software will display the list of files recovered from your Micro SD card as shown in figure D.

Retrieving Deleted Files from Micro SD - List of Restored Files

Figure D: List of Restored Files