Recover Bricked Nexus 10

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Bricked Nexus 10 Recovery

Hi. I bought a Nexus 10 tablet which was on stock Android OS (version 4.2 - Jelly Bean). I used it for quite some time (approx one year) until I got bored of Android Jelly Bean OS. The latest Android version KitKat was on its way for over-the-air download but, not until another two to three months. That’s when I decided to root my Nexus 10 tab in order to install a custom ROM version of the latest Android version and also to benefit from super-user privileges. I am not a professional user but I still was successful in installing custom built Android by carefully following the instructions. However, I didn’t like that custom built version of KitKat. So, after risking my Nexus 10, I decided to take that risk again in order get back the stock Android version. While unrooting the device, don’t know what the reason was, my Nexus 10 got bricked unfortunately. I have at least 10 GB of important data on it that I don’t want to lose. Please help me recover bricked Nexus 10 device. Thanks in advance.

Recover Nexus 10 bricked data:

Dear user, rooting and unrooting the Android device must be carried out with professional help or only if you’re an advanced user as any errors during this process can permanently damage (brick) your device. However, I shall try to help you out in order to recover bricked Nexus 10 device’s data. Any users in a similar condition and the users who have bricked their Android device due to any other reason can make use of this information that may help you recover the device’s data.

What do you mean by a “Bricked device”?

The term “brick” is used in Smartphones, tablets and other devices when the device is severely damaged / corrupted as a result of misconfiguration, corruption of firmware, and a hardware related issue. This can be caused by performing actions like the real-time scenario that is mention above and other similar actions. You know your device is “Bricked” when the device fails to boot up into the current ROM, Recovery mode or the boot-loader screen. It is not guaranteed that you can recover or un-brick your device from this condition. However you can restore nexus 10 bricked data to try and recover all important data using Remo Recover tool.

Procedure to recover bricked Nexus 10 data:

You can make use of any reliable and powerful data recovery third party app like Remo Recover to restore bricked Nexus 10 device’s data on to any safe location. This tool is powerful, smart and efficient that scans for all deleted contents and recovers then back effortlessly. All you have to do is, connect your Android device to a computer with Remo Recover app installed and follow the on screen instructions in order to retrieve bricked nexus 10 or any other Android device’s data. You can as well recover files and folders from the device’s external memory card using Remo Recover tool.

General actions that cause your device to get bricked:

  • Gaining root access to your device or rooting the Android phone / tab improperly and errors in this process
  • Any kind of interruptions while rooting the device as a result of low battery or any other actions
  • Rooting your device using a weak or buggy software or a tool from untrusted source
  • Any hardware related issue like motherboard malfunction and similar issues
  • A severe misconfiguration of the device’s stock firmware

Steps to recover data from a bricked Nexus 10 device:

Step 1: Connect your Android Tablet to Windows system via USB cable and select “Recover Lost Files” from the main screen.

Bricked Nexus 10 Recovery - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: Remo Recover detects your device. Wait until connection gets established.

Restore Bricked Nexus 10 - Detecting Device

Figure B: Detecting Device

Step 3: Select Tablet storage drive and click “Next” begin scanning process.

Retrieve Bricked Nexus 10 - Select Nexus 10 Drive

Figure C: Select Nexus 10 Drive

Step 4: Remo Recover completes scanning process in a while after which you can view the list of recovered data in two types of views - “File Type View” or “Data View”.

Restore Nexus 10 Bricked - List of Recovered Data

Figure D: List of Recovered Data

Step 5: Recovered data can be previewed using "Preview" option. "Save" it to any location accessible to host computer.

Recover Nexus 10 Bricked - Preview Recovered Data

Figure E: Preview Recovered Data