Recover Documents after Factory Reset on Android Phone

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Best process to recover all documents after factory reset on Android Phone

Android operating system is become a de-facto standard for Smartphone. Everyone wishes to own an Android phone which lets you to capture pictures of families and friends, play games, use applications to achieve different task and so on. This all-in-one features make Android phone even more popular. It has many other features that let you to perform incredible things. It also allows you to create and saved documents like PDF, HTML files and so on. However, even Android phones are not free from corruption or data loss. You may lose your documents from it when you accidentally end up using wrong options. Let us look into a common scenario

You were asked to backup all your documents from your office PC, since your system admin was about to install a new operating system on your computer. Since you did not carry a pen drive, you copied all essential documents on your Android phone. Sometime later, your Android phone started freezing due to insufficiency of free space. You forgot about the saved documents and performed factory reset, since it was only way to resume your Android phone to normal. When you thought of copying the documents back to computer, you realized that all your documents are deleted as a result of factory reset. Don’t worry!! We are here to help you to bring back all your documents. With powerful utility called Remo Recover, you will be able to recover documents after factory reset in few mouse clicks.

How factory reset option leads to loss of documents?

When you perform a factory reset all the data gets erased from your phone. The phone returns to its default settings and erases all the saved data from the internal storage. This indicates that you will be losing all your pictures, videos, documents saved on your Android phone. This option is majorly used to resolve freezing problems. So, you must be careful while using this option. You should take backup of all your text files before you carry out factory reset, so that you can be one safer side.

There are many instances where factory reset option can be helpful.  When you download a harmful attachment on your Android phone, it becomes open to virus. Such malicious programs make the phone sluggish. There is only one way to resolve this issue i.e. through factory reset. However, during this event you will lose documents saved on your Android phone.

Some people may use this option by mistake and lose all the data saved on Android. While using Android phone, they may click on this option out of curiosity to see what this option does. Finally after its use, they will find their documents missing from Android Smartphone

Why Remo Recover software?

Well, there are many reasons for using Remo Recover for the process to recover all documents after factory reset on Android Phone. One of the reasons is its simplicity of use and its speed. This software is designed with a very simple and user friendly interface that enables beginners to perform the recovery without taking any external guidance. Its fast engine algorithms can help in achieving the recovery in short time.

Remo Recover is an award winning utility and has received many positive reviews and ratings. The demo version of this software enables you to preview the content of the recovered file. By using this version, you will be able to check the effectiveness of the software and see the real time results. If you are convinced, you can save your recovered files by purchasing it online.

Process to recover all documents after factory reset on android phone

Step 1: Install the app on your Windows system. Connect the Android phone to the system on which you performed a factory reset. Execute the software and select "Recover Deleted Files" option

Process to Recover All Documents after Factory Reset on Android Phone - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: Select the Android drive and click “Next” to initiate the scan.

Recover Documents After Factory Reset, - Select Android Drive

Figure B: Select Android Drive

Step 3: A list of recovered files are listed as shown in figure C.

Recovery Documents After Factory Reset Android- List of Recovered Lost Files

Figure C: List of Recovered Lost Files

Step 4: Save the recovery session using "Save Recovery Session" option.

 How To Restore After Factory Reset On Android - Save Recovery Session

Figure D: Save Recovery Session