Nexus Tab Recovery

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Can I recover lost data from Nexus Tab?

“Oh no..! I just used restore option and deleted my entire data from Nexus tab and placed myself in a deadlock situation, from where it seems impossible to recover my Nexus tab data. This happened while I was browsing on my few months old Nexus tablet in order to check out its attributes and functionalities. In this process I come across “Factory Restore” option and used it to see its affect. Result was surprising horrible to see, as it erased all the data from Nexus tab. This act of curiosity landed me in a situation which is hard to explain. I badly need to come out of this mess, that is created by me accidentally and need to retrieve all my important data.”

Don’t worry and stop cursing yourself, as you can perform Nexus tab recovery and restore Nexus tablet data in few couple minutes using a dominant tablet recovery tool. However, Tabs are getting very popular these days as these devices are small in size and easy carry around. Nevertheless, Nexus is a product of Google and comes with Android operating system offering you exciting features. Due to which many tablet users are shifting to Nexus tab, as it has a simple design, smooth touch screen, amazing features that is complemented with Android OS. Nexus tab comes with large memory that allows you to store important office and personal data. But it may take fraction of second to lose data on your Nexus tablet, due to some user mistakes and logical errors as it is not completely safe from data loss.

Here are some root causes for data loss on Nexus tab…

Unintended formatting: At times you do format a drives on your computer and realize that you actually formatted the tablet drive that you connected and forgot. This accidental formatting will delete all the data and results in serious data loss.

Corruption of tab: You may even lose data from your Nexus tab when it gets corrupt and make entire data inaccessible present in it. Nexus tablet may get corrupted due to improper use such as abrupt removal of attached to tab from system.

User mistake: User mistakes are the main source for losing a file from tablet as user may delete the wrong file by just a mere touch and face vital data loss.

Complete tablet recovery…!

Yes..! It’s possible to perform complete Nexus tab recovery using Remo Recover. Software enable you to achieve complete recovery of Nexus tab by scanning the entire drive in one scan retrieving files and other in few couple of minutes. Remo Recover is crafted with excellent recovery techniques and help you to restore Nexus deleted data from serious data tragedies. You can efficiently retrieve Nexus tablet data like beautiful pictures, rocking songs, amazing videos, interactive games, etc.

High points of Remo Recover..!

  • Enable you to recover files based on unique signature style, which  includes (.apk) files too
  • Supports Nexus tab recovery from all famous and latest Android versions.
  • Remo Recover has simple to use and understand GUI, using which a beginner can also recovery data from tablet on its own
  • Permit you to add new file type to its data base, if you come across any new one
  • Authorize you to have glance at recovered tablet data by facilitating you with Preview option

Steps to recover Nexus Tab data..!

Step 1: Download and install free demo version of Remo Recover on your Windows system and connect your Nexus tablet. Run the software to get main screen as shown in figure A. Here you need to choose option as per your requirment.

Nexus Tab Recovery - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: Now, select your Nexus tab drive from list of drives, as shown in figure B.

Nexus Tab Recovery - Select Drive

Figure B: Select Drive

Step 3: Software allows you to select specific file type if you want to recover from Nexus tab as shown in figure C. You can skip this option also.

Nexus Tab Recovery - File Type Selection

Figure C: File Type Selection

Step 4: After scanning process is finished you can view the rescued data from Nexus tab, as shown in figure D.

Nexus Tab Recovery - Recovered Data

Figure D: Recovered Data