Lost Pictures after Android Update

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Can you imagine a world without telecommunication? It is difficult isn’t it? Overtime, communication has grown easier and faster with the use of digital electronic gadgets. Today, you can easily achieve data communication through devices like computer, mobiles, fax etc. With mobiles phones one can easily share text messages, talk to anyone in any part of the world quite easily. Though there are many phones available installed with different operating system, Android Smartphone have gained huge popularity. Android phones are well-known for its huge application support. Using Android phones you will not only be able to achieve voice and text communication, but also you will be able to do video chatting with a person who resides in a different country. You can save your pictures, videos and other data on Android since it provides a huge space. However, data loss can even occur on Android phones too.

Take for an instance a scenario that you might have come across in one of the day. One a fine morning, you received a notification about the new update for your phone. Without waiting anymore, you started updating your phone without taking backup, though you received some warnings about data loss. After completing the task, you discovered that many of your valuable pictures have gone missing. What will you do now? Don’t worry!! You can always restore your pictures provided you have not overwritten it with new data.

Know how file recovery is possible:

When you delete a file from Android, it does not allow you to undo the operation. Due to this you must find ways to restore your files. Most of them believe that pictures are lost forever, when it goes missing or deleted from an Android device. But this is just a myth. Inventions have proved that deleted or lost photos still remain in the same location and only the file pointer is deleted. These hidden files can easily be retrieved by using a reliable recovery tool. Infact, you can efficiently perform various data recovery tasks such as recover lost photos from Picasa folder using this advanced tool. So, relax, and employ Remo Recover software and restore lost pictures after Android update.

Additional events that cause data loss from Android phones:

Accidental formatting: If you are new to a Android phone, there are chances that you may format your phone accidentally, since you will not be aware of its operations. This tends to cause the loss of all the pictures, since you will not be ready with a backup. You can make use of Remo Recover to retrieve your photos that you lost due to unintentional format.

Entry of Virus: Like other operating systems, even Android does not resist the entry of virus unless there is an Antivirus installed. These infectious programs enter your Android device, when you download a harmful file into the internet or from the email. These programs start destroying the files and make your Android phone inaccessible. To reuse your Android phone, you will have to format it.

Low battery:  It is recommended to avoid usage of Android cameras when your phone is running out of battery. If you fail to do this, you will lose the images that was been captured.

Remo Recover is known for its fast delivery results. Besides Android OS, the software is an expert in finding missing pictues on My Computer, making it an ideal data recovery solution for all users. It has easy-to-use interface that helps you to achieve photo recovery after Android update without taking any external guidance. With this software you can get back lost photos after Android update having file extensions such as PNG, PSD, GIF, CR2, DNG, CRW and more. You can also use this tool on your device regardless to the version of Android installed. This software also provides a preview of the recovered picture after scanning it your Android drive with the demo version. Additionally, With the assistance of this software, you can also recover files lost when transferring to PC from your Android smartphone, with great ease.

Simple steps to recover lost photos after Android update

Step 1: Follow the onscreen instructions and install the software. Now select “Recover Lost Files” option from main screen.

Lost Pictures after Android Update - Main Window

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: Proceed and select the Android drive fro where you lost your pictures .

Recover Lost Photos after Android Update- Select Drive

Figure B: Select Android Drive

Step 3: The process will commence and after a while it returns a list of recovered photos

Restore Lost Pictures After Android Update - List of Recovered Photos

Figure C: List of Recovered Pictures

Step 4: Preview the file and save it back after online purchase

Photo Recovery After Android Update - Preview Photos

Figure D: Preview Photos