LG Optimus L9 Recovery

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

LG Optimus L9 at a glance:

It is the LG’s flagship device of the year 2012 which is way much smarter when compared to its previous versions of Smartphones. LG Optimus L9 has a 4.7 inch IPS display equipped with 1 GHz dual core processor and 1 GB of RAM memory. It has a 5 MP rear camera and a VGA camera on its front. LG Optimus L9 runs on Android version 4.0 preinstalled. Storage capacity: 2.3 GB inbuilt storage space and expandable up to 32 GB via microSD card.

Any Android based Smartphone is viable to data loss from its storage if it is handled improperly. One has to take care of the device by handling it conditionally and by performing maintenance and optimization tasks. Nevertheless, despite of all care taken, accidents may occur leading to data loss on your Smartphone. Some of the most common actions of data loss that makes you to perform LG Optimus l9 recovery are specified here.

Data loss scenarios on LG Optimus L9:

  • Virus or malware attack is the prime reason that causes data deletion on any Android phone. So make sure you keep your device virus-free by installing a reliable Antivirus tool
  • Receiving files or any data from other devices that are contaminated with virus can damage your data too. So beware while receiving files from sources you don’t trust
  • Removing and inserting the SD card frequently can cause the SD card to malfunction leading to file deletion on that card
  • Using your phone or its SD card on various platforms like local media players, computers, etc. may cause file deletion from you LG Optimus L9
  • Bugs in your phone’s operating system and other malfunctioning apps are a reason to erase your files unintentionally
  • A third party tool like Antivirus trying to clean your device will delete any data that is suspicious to it
  • Unknown reasons- There’s always a chance that your device’s data is deleted despite best care taken. These are simply unavoidable conditions that can’t be avoided

Whatever may be the reason that caused file deletion on your LG Optimus L9, you can’t do anything about it now. You have to perform LG Optimus L9 recovery in order to get back all deleted or lost contents on your phone / SD card. For that you need any reliable data recovery tool and this post shall assist you in getting a right data rescue tool for you which will easily perform LG Optimus L9 restore.

Remo Recover is a data recovery tool particularly built for Android based Smartphones that will reliably restore LG Optimus L9 files that have been deleted / lost due to any reasons. Its powerful scan system and a simplified GUI will make sure you retrieve LG Optimus L9 files in just a few simple steps. Remo Recover helps to rescue photos, songs, videos, documents, APK files and all other deleted files from your phone.

These are the things required to perform LG Optimus L9 recovery:

  • LG Optimus L9 (or any Android based) Smartphone with at least 70% charged battery
  • A USB cable that connects your handheld device to your computer
  • The microSD card mounted on your LG Optimus L9 phone
  • All necessary USB drivers should be preinstalled on your computer to help Windows OS detect your Smartphone
  • Remo Recover Android must be installed on your Windows system


Follow these simple steps to perform LG Optimus L9 file recovery:

Step 1: Install and start Remo Recover on your computer and select appropriate option.

Recover LG Optimus L9 - Main Window

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: Select your LG Optimus L9 storage and click “Next” to begin recovery process.

Retrieve LG Optimus L9 - Select any Drive

Figure B: Select Drive

Step 3: Preview the recovered files in two different types of views: “File Type View” and “Data View”.

LG Optimus L9 File Recovery - List of Recovered SD Card Files

Figure C: List of Recovered Files

Step 4: Store recovered files to any destination on your computer.

Recover LG Optimus L9 - Save Recovery Session

Figure D: Save Recovery Session