Recover Data On Intex Aqua Star

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Intex Aqua Star is a low – range Smartphone phone manufactured by Intex Technologies running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. It has a puny internal memory of about 90 MB but is expandable externally up to 32 GB using a microSD card.

If you own an Intex Aqua Star device and if you happen to lose or unintentionally delete any data from that device and you’re looking to recover data on Intex Aqua Star, this page’s for you. Even all Android users can be assisted perform data recovery.

How to perform Intex Aqua Star recovery?

When you connect your Intex Aqua Star device to a Windows operating computer, it will recognize your device as a physical drive and you should be able to see two separate drives on Windows Explorer. One of them is the device’s Internal Memory and the other is microSD card of your Intex Aqua Star mobile. The microSD card of your device is where we’re performing data recovery.

Any lost or deleted data which was on your Android device can be recovered using this multi-utility data recovery tool called Remo Recover- the powerful data restorer.

How this works? When any data on your device is deleted from Intex Aqua Star device’s Memory Card, only its header file is modified. The modified header file makes the deleted contents inaccessible to the Android or any other operating system and shows the deleted content’s space as free space available on that memory drive. But actually those files are intact unless any other data is overwritten on that free space. So Remo Recover scans the entire microSD card for any modified header files and re-alters it and presents to you in a way that those contents are accessible by Android and all other operating systems. Hence you get back all deleted and lost contents on your Intex Aqua Star mobile.

Remo Recover Android – the tool to recover data on Intex Aqua Star:

Remo Recover is the most authentic and one of the most trusted data recovery tools for Android devices. Data recovery on Android has never been easier with Remo Recover. It user a powerful algorithm incorporated with a simple and clean user interface that helps any user to easily retrieve data on Intex Aqua Star. Remo Recover also has a free demo version that enables you to recover data on Android as well as preview all recovered contents. Only the Save option is locked in demo version.

In order to perform Intex Aqua Star recovery, you need these prerequisites:

  • Intex Aqua Star (or any Android) Smartphone with at least 60% charged battery.
  • A USB cable to connect your handheld device to the computer.
  • The microSD card that is mounted on your Intex Aqua Star phone.
  • All necessary USB drivers preinstalled on the computer to help Windows OS detect your mobile phone.
  • Remo Recover Android installed on your Windows computer.


Now you’re good to go. Just follow the detailed steps with its respective screenshots in order to perform data recovery on Intex Aqua Star.

Steps to recover deleted / lost data on your Android device:

Step 1: Install Remo Recover using "Download Now" icon. Now connect your Android SD card to your computer and wait for it to get detected.

Recover Data On Intex Aqua Star - Detecting Device

Figure A: Detecting Device

Step 2: Next select “Recover Deleted Files”option from the main screen.

Recover Data On Intex Aqua Star - Main Screen

Figure B: Main Screen

Step 3: Select the Android SD card and click "Next" option.

Recover Data On Intex Aqua Star - Select Android Drive

Figure C: Select Android SD Card

Step 4: Wait for the scan to complete. After the scan is done you can see the list of recovered pictures.

Recover Data On Intex Aqua Star - List of Recovered Data

Figure D: List of Recovered Data

Step 5: Preview all recovered contents usimg "Preview". Instantly purchase the full versio to save the restoration process.

Recover Data On Intex Aqua Star - Preview Recovered Image

Figure E: Preview Recovered Picture