Huawei Android Phone Data Recovery

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

How to restore Huawei Android phone?

Most of them might be aware of Huawei Android Smartphone. In present IT market, Huawei phones are known for its stunning looks and features. These phones are developed by a well known multinational Chinese company called Huawei and hence given the name Huawei. This phone runs on Android operating system and hence has a lot of benefits. With Huawei Smartphone you can browse, complete certain task with the aid of applications, do video and audio calls, chat etc. Additionally, it also equips features like Auto Seen Recognition, AirSharing, Smart Reading which makes is more popular than other Smartphone. You can preserve a large amount of data on your Huawei Android Phone based on the memory specification it comprises. However, due to certain accidents you might end up losing your files from Huawei Android Phone. There are many reasons that contribute for data loss from Huawei Android Phone. Let us look into some of the events.

There exist times when you may have to share the files from your Huawei Android phone to computer. In order to copy the files, you will connect the phone to computer via a USB cable. But while carrying out the file transfer, you may accidentally pull out the USB cable. This incident can provoke loss of files that was yet to get transferred.

When you have a touch screen, you will be more tendency to commit mistakes while operating the device. The most common error you carry out is file deletion. While deleting large number of files, you may accidentally select the wrong one that was essential or tap of delete option by selecting the file that is most needed.

Like other phones, even Huawei Android cell phones support SD cards as the external source of data storage. While removing the SD card from the Android phone slot, you may end up in damaging it. Next time when you connect the SD card to your computer or phone, it may ask you to format it. Formatting of SD card causes deletion of entire data saved on it.

In addition to the above discussed ones there are various other scenarios due to which you might lose data from Huawei Android Phone. Events like virus attack, power surge, improper ejection adds up to the list. Don’t worry!! Deleted files can be recovered easily. File recovery is possible!! Yes, you heard it right!! You can perform Huawei Android Recovery since the files deleted or lost still remains on your phone storage drives. You can perform Huawei Android Phone data recovery very easily by utilizing Remo Recover software.

Remo Recover is powerful recovery software that is crafted by fast recovery engines to restore Huawei Android files without any further harm on your computer. This software can be executed on Windows versions like Windows 8 and 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows server 2003 and 2008. This Huawei recovery tool can retrieve all deleted/lost files from all popular Huawei Android versions. You can employ Remo Recover to perform Huawei Android recovery on other internal and external memory source.

By utilizing this software you can recover all popular file types like pictures, videos, animated files, music and the list increases up to 300+ formats. In addition, to these it also provides an option for preliminary view of the retrieved files prior to file restoration. Use the demo version, to test the software results before you purchase the full version of the software.

Note:  Avoid saving the recovered file on the same drive from where you lost your file. If not, you will end up in overwriting the file which leads to permanent loss of data.

Steps to carry out Huawei Android phone data recovery : -

Step 1: To begin the process,install the software on your Windows system. Connect your Android phone to your computer and run the software to detect your Huawei phone

Huawei Android Phone Data Recovery - Detecting Device

Figure A: Detecting Device

Step 2: Next select either “Recover Deleted Files” or “Recover Lost Files” option from main screen based on the factor of data loss.

Restore Huawei Android - Main Screen

Figure B: Main Screen

Step 3: Now select the Android drive from where you need to restore files and click “Next” button to begin scanning process.

How to restore Huawei Android phone - Select Android Drive

Figure C: Select Android Drive

Step 4: A list of recovered files are displayed in “File Type View” and “Data View”.

Huawei Recovery Tool - List of Recovered Files

Figure D: List of Recovered Files

Step 5: Select the files that you want to restore and preview them. Finally, save the files back to a safe location

Huawei Android Recovery - Recovered Files

Figure E: Preview Recovered Files