Recover Data from Micromax A60

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Recover deleted / lost data on your Micromax A60 phone

Micromax A60 is an economy - range Android OS enabled phone released in the year 2010 with 150 MB of internal storage. However it has a slot for External micro SD Card and is expandable upto 32 GB.

There might be occasions where you tend to lose data from your Micromax A60 device. The data might contain important files, favorite videos and pictures and favorite music files and other items. If you can’t afford to lose them and are looking for a way to get back all contents of your Micromax A60 handheld, you are at the right page. Read on to know how recover data from Micromax a60 and its micro SD card effectively using Remo Recover tool.

Data loss / delete occasions from your Micromax A60 handheld device:

The Micromax A60 phone was released more than four years from now which means it’s getting quite aged making the device more prone to all kinds of hazards. Its operating system too is pretty old and it does not provide resistance to accidents like system crashes, virus, malwares, etc. Obviously its micro SD card too is liable to data loss and corruptions. Other actions include accidental file deletion and so on.

Unlike in the desktop or similar devices where data once deleted can be retrieved back from its Recycle Bin, the micro SD cards or your device does not have that option to retrieve deleted items. The reason behind this is the computer systems have large memories and hence they can store deleted items until the space allocated for the Recycle Bin is full. What happens is, once the file is deleted, only its location is changed to Recycle Bin but the file stays on the drive until further action is taken. In handheld devices like Micromax A60 and in micro SD cards, there is no Recycle Bin for the OS to point out that location. However in both the cases, normally the deleted items stay on the respective drives until the space is overwritten by any new data. That’s the reason one should not perform any write action on the drive from which data has to be recovered if you want to retrieve data effectively from it.

How to recover Micromax A60 data?

Things you require in order to perform Micromax A60 data recovery:

  • Things you require in order to perform Micromax A60 data recovery:
  • Micromax A60 phone with at least 60% of battery charge to avoid interruptions while executing data recovery. (If you want to recover data from your Micromax A60 device)
  • The micro SD Card from which data has to be recovered.
  • A micro SD Card Reader.
  • A Windows operating computer or Laptop.
  • USB cable connecting the Phone / Card Reader to the Computer.
  • USB drivers installed on the computer in order to detect your device
  • Remo Recover tool installed on your Computer.

If you have these things handy, you are good to go.

Follow the steps to recover data from Micromax A60 device:

Step 1: Run the installed Remo Recover tool and connect your A60 device to the computer. Select the appropriate option “Recover Deleted Files / Recover Lost Files”.

Micromax A60 Data Recovery - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: Remo Recover will scan your connected Android device.

Micromax A60 Data Recovery - Device Detected

Figure B: Device Detected

Step 3: Choose Storage Device or the phone memory and click on “Next”.

Micromax A60 Data Recovery - Select Drive

Figure C: Select Drive

Step 4: once the scan is completed, select the “Data Type View/File Type View” as you would like to see recovered data.

Micromax A60 Data Recovery - Recovered Data

Figure D: Data Type View/File Type View