How to Recover Lost Photos from Galaxy Note 2???

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Can I recover photos from Galaxy Note 2?

This question might trouble many Samsung Galaxy Note 2 users and may become a reason for their anxiety, when they encounter picture loss from their Galaxy Note 2. Well it’s oblivious to get nervous as it might contain your most cherished pictures that you never wanted to lose. Unfortunately there plenty of reasons that contribute to raise this question such as, accidental deletion, improper use corruption of storage media, etc. Fortunately you can get rid of this question permanently employing an good picture recovery tool and get back photos from Galaxy Note 2 in quick span of time.

It’s true that Samsung galaxy note 2 is an excellent device for capturing images and recording videos, since it has HD camera quality and because of which photos look livelier. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is complete fun boxes that keeps you busy in free time and holds large number data by provide huge expandable memory. Device is developed on the most popular operating system i.e. is Android and has many entertaining apps to play with. But it’s not completely safe from data disasters and at times makes you suffer data loss from it by becoming inaccessible. Read the next section to get more details about this.

A real time scenario..!

Assume a scenario, in which you connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to system in order to transfer recently clicked images. You select images and make use of “Cut Paste” option instead of “Copy Paste”. But for your bad luck file transfer process gets terminated in mid way, as your system gets terminated due to power surge. On restarting your system you see that photos are missing from both system and Galaxy Note 2 that you selected for transfer process. Apart from this, corruption of external storage media, installation of illegal app or virus infection may lead to loss of photos from your Galaxy Note 2.

Things to do remember…

  • Read the user manual guide careful to avoid improper use
  • Do keep the back up of important photos and files
  • Stop the immediate use of Galaxy Note 2, soon after encountering data loss
  • Avoid connecting Galaxy Note 2 to virus infected systems

How to recover lost photos from Galaxy Note 2?

You will be happy to know that recovery of lost photos from Galaxy Note 2 is simply as it can be, with Remo Recover. Using this easy to operate recovery tool you can restore lost images from Galaxy Note 2 and come over from severe data loss circumstances. This wonderful application is comprised with strong image recovery methods and capable of performing lost picture recovery from Galaxy Note 2 in few simple clicks. Software does a deep scan of both the memories of Galaxy Note 2(internal and external). However, there are many astonishing features, which can be evaluated by downloading the trial version of the software.

Remarkable features of Remo Recover..!

  • Using its efficient scanning engine it can retrieve lost pictures from Galaxy Note 2 along  with other files with extensions like .apk, .doc, .pdf and other media files
  • Compatible with nearly all versions of Android and other Tablet brands
  • Windows edition of this software can be utilized to recover cut and paste files, which is lost due to improper cut and paste operation, recover files after emptying recycle bin, lost files due to formatting, reformatting, or corruption of WIndows hard drive, with great ease
  • With this commanding recovery software you can recover photos from Galaxy Note 2, that are deleted, lost and missing
  • Software can be used to recover pictures from SD cards, SDXC cards and other flash cards that are supported by Galaxy Note 2
  • “Find” option helps you to search photos using date, file format, size and name
  • Recovered photos from Galaxy Note 2 can be previewed using preview option

Procedure to recover lost photos from Galaxy Note 2 using Remo Recover: -

Step 1: Connect your Galaxy Note 2 to Windows system. From the main screen select either “Recover Deleted Files” or “Recover Lost Files” option.

How to Recover Lost Photos from Galaxy Note 2 - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: Wait until device gets detected, then select Galaxy Note 2’s storage drive and click “Next” button for software to begin scanning process.

Recover Lost Photos from Galaxy Note 2 - Select Galaxy Note 2 Drive

Figure B: Select Galaxy Note 2 Drive

Step 3: Soon after software completes scanning process you can view list of recovered photos along with other data in two types of view which are “File Type View” and “Data View”.

Can I Recover Photos from Galaxy Note 2 - List of Recovered Data

Figure C: List of Recovered Data

Step 4: Finally preview recovered images and save it to any location accessible to host computer.

Restore Lost Images from Galaxy Note 2 - Preview Recovered Photos

Figure D: Preview Recovered Photos