How to Recover Deleted Files from HTC Incredible?

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Steps to Recover Deleted Files from HTC Incredible

HTC Incredible is a low ranged Smartphone from HTC running on stock Android version 2.2 Froyo. It has an internal memory of 1.1 GB and with an expandable slot for microSD cards up to 32 GB. Similar to all other Android based Smartphones; this one too is prone to all types of corruptions and data loss scenarios. In fact, this phone is weaker and less immune to various hazards that cause data deletion and corruption. So if you’re encountered with data deletion while using this device, read on to know how to recover deleted files from HTC Incredible and which the appropriate tool to perform this delicate action is.

How to recover deleted files from HTC Incredible?

You can now perform deleted file recovery from HTC Incredible Smartphone in order to recover all deleted data from that device with the help of a reliable data recovery tool for Android called Remo Recover for Android app. This is a highly advanced and reliable app to retrieve all deleted and missing contents from almost all Android based Smartphones. Data which is deleted due to various unfortunate actions like unintentional data deletion, formatting the device, file or software corruption, formatting the microSD card due to any reasons, viruses and malwares causing file deletion, file deletion due to improper accessing or transferring of data, file deletion due to faulty downloading or uploading and other errors can be effectively rescued with the assistance of this amazing Smartphone file recovery tool. Remo Recover app for Android works seamlessly on almost all versions of Android operating systems and it as well supports all major versions of Windows operating systems.

How to recover deleted files from HTC Incredible phone? On almost all scenarios that lead to file deletion on these phones, the deleted file still remains on the internal / external storage medium, as it previously was, of the HTC Incredible device, but it turns inaccessible to the device’s firmware or any computer. If you want to make that data accessible to the device or any computer, you will have to use any reliable third party file recovery app like Remo Recover for Android. This amazing utility is intended to scan for all deleted or missing files from any storage device (internal or external), recover those files and allow you to save it to any location accessible to the phone or a computer.

Areas where Remo Recover for Android app excels in recovering deleted files from HTC Incredible Smartphone:

  • You have unintentionally deleted files from your phone or from its microSD card. This includes files like images, mp3 files, videos, apps, doc data, APKs, and more. This tool can effectively recover them all with ease
  • You have formatted the phone or its memory card alone without backing up its contents where all the important files were stored due to any reasons. Remo Recover app can effectively retrieve deleted files from HTC Incredible device
  • A clean and hassle free user-friendly interface of this file recovery app helps you in recovering deleted data with ease
  • There is a free trial version of Remo Recover for Android application for beginners, using which you easily can scan over 300 various types of file extensions, retrieve all recoverable data and preview all contents before storing them back to any destination. Only to complete the Save process you can use the full version of Remo Recover app
  • Follow the steps mentioned below to know how to restore deleted files from HTC Incredible device using Remo Recover for Android

Steps to recover deleted files from HTC Incredible Smartphone using Remo Recover:

Step 1: Run Remo Recover for Android on a Windows PC and connect your HTC phone to it and select “Recover Deleted Files” option from the main screen.

How to Restore Deleted Files from HTC Incredible - Main Window

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: Now select the HTC phone drive from where you deleted the files and click on “Next” button to begin scanning process.

Deleted File Recovery from HTC Incredible - Select Smartphone Drive

Figure B: Select Smartphone Drive

Step 3: Once the recovery is complete, use the “File Type View” or “Data View” option to view all recovered files.

Retrieve Deleted Files from HTC Incredible - List of Recovered Files

Figure C: List of Recovered Data

Step 4: Preview all recovered files using "Preview" option.

Recovering Deleted Files from HTC Incredible - Preview Files

Figure D: Preview Recovered Files

Step 5: Make use of "Save" option in order to save the current recovery progress.

Recovering Deleted Files from HTC Incredible - Save Session

Figure E: Save Recovery Session