Fix Bricked Android Phone

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

How to unbrick an Android phone?

Need to unbrick your Android phone? It is a frustrating situation when your Smartphone stops responding to any of your input and becomes idle. Most of the Android users might get panic once they come across this kind of unpleasant event. But from now onwards you need not worry as you can fix bricked Android phone and get over this terrible situation. With the use of an Android recovery tool that makes things normal all over again you can recover each and every lost file from your Android phone.

However, there is no doubt that Android is the most preferred and used operating system around the globe for Smartphones, because of which many of the Smartphone users are shifting to Android phone. Since it comes with lots of amazing features and sturdy design, it offers you lot more things to do apart from just communication. Sadly these phones too have a downside, as these are prone to error, data loss or become inoperable for several reasons. Let’s see, the reasons for bricking of Android phone in next paragraph.

How an Android may get bricked?

There are many reasons for your Android to get brick, but the most common one is incorrect installation of Android updates or operating system update. Suppose you are using an Android phone with Jelly Beans OS and your phone notifies you for newly launched KitKat version, or you try manually to update your Android phone to KitKat version. For this you start the update process, but reaching half way you find that your phone is not responding anymore. You try to stop the process and click on some options, but no use as your phone is bricked. It might get hang due to various reasons, updates may not be compatible with the phone, updates may not be tested for threats, etc. However, Apart from this, unwanted modifications made in operating system by viruses or installation of some unsecure application may also become a reason for Android to get bricked.

What now?

Unfortunately many of the Android users don’t know how to fix bricked Android phone, as it’s not a common thing or a feature of Android. However, experts suggest that one should not do anything out of knowledge as it may result in data overwriting. But there are some tricks that are suggested by Android phone manufacturers such as it pressing power button, home button, volume up button same time. This makes the phone to get in to recovery mode and from there by selecting suitable option such as factory reset you may fix bricked Android phone. Nevertheless, this will erase all the user data and place in another troublesome. Don’t worry; even this problem can be treated, just read out the next paragraph.

Best way to recover data from bricked Android Smartphone..!

No matter how hard your Android phone is bricked, you can fix it and along with it you can also restore lost data from bricked Android phone with the help of Remo Recover. It is the most admired recovery software to bring back data from bricked Smartphone, since it has many satisfied customers. Software is ranked top in its class and recommended by many of the professionals. It’s effective searching algorithms does a complete scan of internal as well as external memory of Android phone and retrieves files from bricked Android phone in couple of minutes. Remo Recover is tested for malware programs and found completely safe to use. However, by downloading its free edition one can get to know its eye catching features such as find option, preview option, save recovery session, etc.

Additional attributes..!

  • Well matched to work on Windows operating system and supports bricked Android phone recovery on all editions
  • Software has the caliber to locate and retrieve file types over 290 or more using file type search and even restores application (.apk) files which is must for your Android applications
  • Compatible with nearly all versions of Android and famous Smartphone models
  • Built in with excellent recovery procedures which enables recovery of Android phone data from all data disasters
  • “Add File Type” option authorize you to put in new file types if you find one that is not listed in its database
  • Preview option let you to have an earlier look of recovered data

Steps to fix bricked Android phone:

Step 1: Install the downloaded the free edition of Remo Recover on your system and launch it. Home screen gets open as illustrated in figure 1.

Fix Bricked Android Phone - Home Screen

Figure 1: Home Screen

Step 2: Remember that your Android phone should be connected. However you need to wait few minutes so that device gets detected, as illustrated in figure 2.

Recover Data from Bricked Android Smartphone - Detecting Device

Figure 2: Detecting Device

Step 3: You need to select Android device drive once it get detected, as illustrated in figure 3.

Restore Lost Data from Bricked Android - Select Drive

Figure 3: Select Drive

Step 4: Software does a deep scan of drive and recover lost data from bricked Android phone. You can preview the recovered data using "Preview" option, as illustrated in figure 4

Bricked Android Phone Recovery - Recovered Data Samsung phone

Figure 4: Recovered Data Samsung phone