Android Data Recovery

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Learn how to recover Android data?

Android Operating System is the most preferred OS for Smart phones, as it has changed the complete concept of smart phone use, by offering many exciting features and applications. As a result of this, there is a record breaking popularity of Android users all around the world. There are many things that can be done; using Android device like, you can send mails, messages, take beautiful photos, record high quality videos, listen to your favorite music collection and so on. This made famous mobile manufactures like Motorola, HTC, Samsung, etc. to use Android OS for their Smart phones. However, besides all these exciting features, it has been seen that data is lost from Android devices and result in data crises. Losing any kind of data from Android is painful thing, as it may contain very important files, folders and other digital information. Unfortunately there is no solid program executed to avoid data loss from Android, but the good thing is, you can recover lost Android data by executing Android data recovery using advance recovery software.

How data is lost from Android?

There are many possible answers for this question. However, list of the reasons because of which one can lose data from Android is very long. But there are some common scenarios, which are responsible for data lost most of the time; some of them are highlighted below.

  • Restoring your Android device to default or Factory settings using “Factory Restore” option.
  • Accidentally pressing or touching the "Delete" or “Delete All” button on your Android device.
  • Formatting your Android phone SD card or memory card, without taking the vital backup.
  • Pulling out of connected Android device, when file transfer is still in process.
  • Downloading virus infected data on your Android device.

Note: There is a common misconception among Android users, that once data is lost or deleted from Android it cannot be retrieved, which is entirely wrong. Lost or deleted data from Android can be recovered, as lost files and folders stays on the same location, until and unless these are overwritten by some new or fresh data. Because of this, further use of device is not recommended, as it may result in data overwriting.

Risk free Android data Recovery – Remo Recover..!

Now perform risk free recovery of data from Android using Remo Recover. This software is tested for all types of hazardous programs and is found to be completely safe. Remo Recover is specially designed to perform effective Android data recovery on all popular brands of Smart phones and other Android gadgets like Tablets, Phablets, Notes, etc,. This tool is equipped with strong recovery programs and is capable of searching files from internal memory of Android device using its smart scanning algorithms.

Some brilliant attributes of Remo Recover..!

  • Retrieve Android files like (.apk) along with other important data from Android devices
  • Software performs media file recovery, by restoring pictures, videos, audios and other media files in quick span of time
  • You can carry out Android file recovery from flash drives like SD card, micro SD card and other memory cards at your fingertips
  • Supports Android file recovery from all popular Smart phone brands
  • Software ensures Android data recovery by examining internal and external memory of Android smartphones and other gadgets
  • Easy to use GUI of software help to perform uninterrupted Android data recovery from all version of Android Operating System
  • You can successfully recover Android data from Windows versions like Windows 7, 8, Vista and XP
  • “Find” option offered by the software assist you in finding particular file using its file type
  • Facilitates you to get a glance of recovered data using “Preview” option

Easy way to recover Android data..!

Step 1: Download and Install the demo version of Remo Recover on your computer or laptop. Run the software to see the main screen as shown in figure A. Here you need to select "Recover Deleted Files" or "Recover Lost Files" option, as per your data loss scenario to proceed with the recovery process.

Android Deleted Files Recovery - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: Software start search for Android device and recognize your Android device, as shown in figure B.

Android Deleted Files Recovery - Device Detected

Figure B: Device Detected

Step 3: Now select the storage drive from where you need to recover data, as shown in figure C.

Android Deleted Files Recovery - Select Drive

Figure C: Select Drive

Step 4: As soon as the recovery process gets completed, you can see restored data from Android device as shown in figure D.

Android Deleted Files Recovery - Recovered Data

Figure D: Recovered Data