Can a Deleted File be Recovered from an Android Phone?

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Recover Deleted File from Android Phone

There are many Android users who have uncertainty regarding recovery of a deleted file from Android phone. It’s quite common to have this question, since Android is fairly new in market and many of its user don’t know much about it. But today you can see a rapid increase in Android phone users, as it offers some exciting and interactive features to its user. However, curiosity to know more about Android may result in deletion of file, as one may end up in deleting a file unknowingly and face the question, how can a deleted file be recovered from an Android phone. Well..! You need not to be much worried about this question, as this issue can be solved using an Android file recovery software that can bring back deleted files from Android phone.

More about Android phone…!

Android is an Operating System that is developed by Google for mobile phones and today you can see that almost all popular mobile phone manufacturing brand is going for Android to launch its smart phone. Android phones are referred as Smartphones, as these phones comprise of many smart features and normally have a touch screen that gives a sweeter experience for the users, since its versions are named after desserts like Honeycomb, Ice cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, etc.

How a file is deleted from Android Phone?

Unfortunately Android phone can’t escape data loss and in spite of all superb features a Android user can delete a file and get into trouble. Most of the times file may get deleted, due to improper use of Android device such as turning off the phone forcefully when many applications or files are open, ejecting the flash card or memory card in between the file transfer process. Apart from these mentioned ones, accidental deletion of file by wrong touch, formatting without backup, etc may lead to same.

Excellent Android File Recovery Tool – Remo Recover..!

Remo Recover is the unbeatable Android file recovery, as it is highly equipped with ultra modern retrieval techniques and help you to restore deleted file from Android phone on all famous brands like, Samsung, Micromax, Sony, HTC, etc within few minutes. Software applies its hi-tech scanning algorithms to extract all kind of files like text, audio, video, images and application files (apk) in just a single scan. By just downloading the demo version of the utility you can ensure recovery results.

Why to go for Remo Recover?

  • Software has very intuitive user interface, which makes Android phone deleted file recovery easy
  • You can have a complete trust on software, as it is pre-scanned with latest and legal antivirus
  • Helps you to recover all famous file formats along with apk files
  • Rigorously examines the Android phone to recover each deleted file
  • Searches for deleted file in both the memories of phone by scanning internal as well as external memory
  • Well suited to recover Android phone data on Windows computer
  • Compatible with nearly all brands and versions of Android phones
  • Can also be used to restore lost and deleted data from different Android devices
  • Assists you to get a earlier look of recovered files

Few simple steps to recover deleted file from Android phone:

Step 1: Download and install the demo version of Remo Recover on your Windows system. Connect your Android phone and run the software to open main screen as shown in figure A and select "Recover Deleted Files" option.

Can a Deleted File be Recovered from an Android Phone - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: Select the storage drive of Android phone from the list of drives, as shown in figure B.

Can a Deleted File be Recovered from an Android Phone - Select Android Phone

Figure B: Select Android Phone

Step 3: Once scanning process gets over, you can see the list of retrieved files from Android phone as shown in figure C.

Can a Deleted File be Recovered from an Android Phone - Recovered Files from Android Phone

Figure C: Recovered Files from Android Phone